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Tofu Tuesday: The Ninja Cat

Since this post, Tofu seems to be happy and adapting to being blind on one side. He doesn’t jump up onto our bed as much as he used to and he’s easy to catch when we want to bring him inside. But he’s a happy bunny and enjoys everything he did before blindness. He still comes in on his own and finds his way easily around the house. We have noticed a cloudiness over his good eye now too. This seems to come and go and we aren’t sure if it’s going to deteriorate to blindness too. For now, Tofu can still seem to make out shapes and light enough to interact with others. Including Georgie. We suspect that Tofu can see Georgie, he’s just humouring him. See past episodes of Tofu and Georgie here and their initial post here.

Tofu Tuesday: Tofu and Georgie

Tofu has a new fan. Georgie is a cat from next door and I have seen Georgie and Tofu them sniffing noses through the fence. It’s freakin’ adorable. Georgie is timid and has a moon shaped face and orange eyes. Unlike the other cats, I’ve never seen Georgie come over to our property. He seems to just want to make friends from through the fence.