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Birthday Ham

Party in the backyard I took the day off work for my birthday and The Koala came home a little early to help set up for my party. Our new outdoor table is getting plenty of use and the $20 I paid for it was a true bargain. I cleaned up a junk corner of our house last weekend and uncovered some parasols that we used for our wedding over 2 years ago. They’re so pretty that we had to do something with them. The Koala decorated a tree with them and I am stoked with how they turned out. Ham Ham on the bone is one of my favourite porky products and I look forward to Christmas ham every year. But ham once a year isn’t enough! For my birthday, my sister gifted me a¬†Hellers Free Farmed half ham on the bone. From the Hellers website: Hellers Free Farmed products are sourced from selected New Zealand farms. The Sows are outdoors and once weaned, the piglets are raised in barns with no crates or …

Glaze a ham

First thing crossed off the Bunny Eats Design Autum/Winter To Do List. Oh yeah! The Koala’s Mum had sourced a ham for our family lunch. She provided everything and I did the honours of decorating and glazing. Using tropical fruit, cloves and an apricot sauce for a glaze, this ham provided many yummy meals over the weekend. We even made crackling with the ham skin. The ham was paired with a greek salad, peas, roast potatoes and pumpkin. Easter lunch was finished off with Mum’s individual pavlovas with berry compote and whipped cream. Yum!