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2015 Manifesto

Good morning! Happy New Year! Each year I’ve been writing a list of things I want to more of and less of. I always found checklist resolutions too restrictive, so I prefer this more/less model. A declaration of motives to live by for 2015. I’m am glad to see the end of 2014. It was a year where some shitty things happened: I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease, Tofu the bunny had 3 surgeries, The Koala was unemployed for a few months which meant we were down to one income, although The Koala quite enjoyed his unemployment. 2015 for me means focus. I’ve worked hard on various projects over the years and now I want to see them through. I’m planning baby steps so that my larger goals are fulfilled. It’s so easy to have goals and not take the steps towards them  until you look up and months or years have passed. I haven’t got any firm plans for this year at this stage. I’d like to travel at some stage. It’s been far too long. What are your New Year’s …

2014 Manifesto

Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to a clean slate. New Years celebrations has always been a big deal to me. It doesn’t matter where or what I do to mark the occasion, as long as I mark the occasion. In 2012 I wrote this list of More and Less. Five things to do more of and Five things to do less of. Kind of a New Year’s resolution without the strict goal setting or bucket list stress. This year, I’m calling it my manifesto. A declaration of motives to live by for 2014. Maybe you see things on this list that you hope to do more or less of too. Do you have any things in 2014 that you hope to see more or less of?

What are you doin’ New Years Eve?

Wishing everyone a happy New Year! This duet by Zooey Deshanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt was uploaded one year ago today. Adorable. I learned how to play the ukelele one afternoon last summer. I was left to my own devices at my parent’s house and so I helped myself to my little sister’s uke. It’s a fun instrument to pick up, especially if you’ve ever played the guitar or violin (I played both) but I’ve forgotten how the uke chords go already. No doubt this time of year is seriously overrated, but I’ll be first to put my hand up to organize something fabulous to do. We usually head to one of the many beach towns around and stay in a bach (holiday house) for the week. This year many of our friends are away so it’s going to be a little more low key. Still, we bought ourselves two bottles of our favourite white and gold rums for the occasion. Party on lovelies.

Eating Borneo #8 – New Years at Mañana

New Year celebrations have always been epic for us. Many businesses are closed during this time in New Zealand so we holiday like there’s no tomorrow. It’s a time when we leave the city and flock to beaches all over the country to get absolutely trashed with their friends. There’s good food and good times to be had and the celebrations often last a week. I saw in last New Years with The Koala, my friend A, my sister Joey, her boyfriend D and the guests and staff at Mañana Borneo. Mañana is a small resort on a private beach about an hour north of Kota Kinabalu in the Sabah north of Borneo Island. It’s not on a separate island but this beach is only accessable by boat. No cars. No shops. No power during the day. Just a private, sheltered beach, snorkeling, swimming, books, hammocks, monsoon every afternoon (mandatory downtime). It was heaven. We stayed in 3 private villas with our own outdoor bathrooms. The menu here was limited but that was fine, it meant …