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Our Growing Edge September 2014 round up

Thanks to Corina from Searching for Spice for assembling the monthly round up. Read it for yourself here. This month is the 20th edition of Our Growing Edge! Jules from The Kiwi Diaries is hosting. Jules is a graphic designer living in Auckland but is from Argentina and is currently galavanting around the globe. I can’t wait to see what interesting food she encounters this month.

Our Growing Edge September Round Up

Feast your eyes on the goodies over on Sweets and Brains. Thank you to our host Marnelli and to all those that joined Our Growing Edge. The dishes cooked and eaten look mouthwatering. A great range of baked goods, exotic recipes from blogger’s own cuisines, tasty healthy options and decadence. I look upon the round up like a delicious pot luck extravaganza.Can you imagine tasting all those in one sitting? A a girl can dream… Comfort foods and go-to recipes are fine, we all have them. Expanding your repertoire to extend to a larger variety of dishes, go-to recipes and even special occasion recipes are interesting and fun. There is something lovely about food cooked by foodies that push out of their own comfort zones. These dishes have all been coveted and marked worth attempting and failing for. Trying something new can be a bit scary but if you try new things every month, it becomes a normal part of your life. Failure is bound to happen but learning how to salvage something is a great skill …