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Cook Curry Goat

Since I saw Hugh Fearnley-Whittinstall’s curry goat episode on River Cottage, I’ve been obsessed with trying curry goat. Curry goat is curry goat. Do not call it goat curry. There’s a difference. I’m not sure what the difference is, but asking for goat curry at any Jamaican eatery is sure to have you ridiculed and branded as a floundering noob. I tried a delicious Carribean curry goat over the summer at Splore Festival (pictured). The food stall was run by catering company Jamaican Me Hungry and the goat was divine (though it could have done with a little food styling). I couldn’t wait another two years to try curry goat again so last week, I made curry goat at home. Goat Meat Goat meat isn’t popular here in New Zealand. No, our prized beast here is lamb. But as tasty as lamb is, it can can be expensive and often reserved for special occasions. I have never cooked with goat meat and I can’t say I’ve eaten it many times, but I’ve enjoyed it every …

I’ve been paying too much.

It turns out dear reader, that we’ve be scammed. We kind of all knew it, but maybe we forgot about it. Maybe the trip to yet another specialty store got streamlined to the supermarket. Maybe those cute little matching packages were irresistible. Even though they didn’t weigh much in our hands. Herbs and spices from the supermarket are incredibly overpriced and this week I visited the Bulk Food Savings store near my house. Maybe you have something similar near you? Mums and hippies go there. It’s all healthy, unbranded stuff. My local store is tucked away in a carpark and has no street presence.  This little shop is a treasure trove of unbranded goods. When it opened a couple of years ago, no one noticed. I only know of its existence due to the drive through at Wendy’s on Dominion Road. Ironic. I got change from a tenner after buying these bags of aromatics (cardamom pods, fenugreek seeds, cinnamon sticks and coriander seeds) and bought a few other bits and pieces there too. A bargain! Do …

Creamy Tomatoey Chicken

My local Chinese supermarket now offers boneless thigh! I prefer the texture and flavour of thigh over breast meat. Boneless thigh is the same price as breast meat so I guess I’m not going to be buying breast ever again. I cooked up some the chicken for me and the boys*. Some cream, some tomato, some spices like garam masala and curry powder. Whip up some rice and some vege and you got yourself some tasty nutrition. The boys gobbled it all up. * By boys, I’m really referring to men. I don’t have any offspring.