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Tofu Tuesday: Waiting for the strawberry plants

Tofu the bunny loves strawberry plants and always checks to see if any strawberry leaves or runners have grown down to the height that he can reach. He will wait patiently below the strawberry plants for hours each day. Can you can see the two lower black holes of the planter are empty? That’s because Tofu pulls out the plants he can reach and gobbles them up. I thought I was being so smart putting the planter up high on top of a bucket. Tofu the bunny is smarter than I.

Food bloggers with Food intolerances

It seems there is a large number of food bloggers have food allergies, food intolerances or specialty diets. I have had eczema for ever (runs in the family) but I’ve always been of the persuasion that if it was indeed diet related, I’d rather put up with it than give up the foods that I love. For as long as I can remember, every year in November/December, I get eczema. When I was in high school, with exams and art boards due, I put it down to stress. But I finished high school and went to uni and it continued. I graduated 7 years ago and I don’t really have extra stresses at this time of year, yet it persists. I think it could be a combination of things and some internet research suggests that I may be right. It could still be stress and perhaps the warmer weather. The sunshine probably aggravates it and then there are other factors like seasonal foods. This year, it’s been particularly bad and I make no secret that …

I love pork. I love strawberry.

It’s strawberry season here in NZ and strawberries are cheap as chips. I’m not much of a fruit eater but for strawberries, I make an exception. I adore strawberries! Here’s a photo of what I look like with a strawberry in my clutches. Happy right? I’m saying Check it out yo! This is strawberry you mofos! Please note the left hand pointing action before the strawberry will be stuffed in my mouth. Yes, I know, those are rabbits on my baby bib. I think I was born to write this post. So we’ve established I love strawberries. I also love pork. I think you knew that too. Strawberry, meet Pork! (Pork, meet Strawberry!) Pork plays well with fruit. Some fine examples are sliced roast pork with apple sauce (and crackling), glazed ham with pineapple, strips of bacon wrapped around prunes. I’ve never heard of pork with strawberries before so I figured I’d be game to give it a whirl. You may begin with some large, voluptuous berries. Which you cleave into love-heart-esque slices. Then you get …