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Special Salmon

I love when salmon fillets are on special at Nosh. I buy salmon when it is on special so it’s good that it seems to happen fairly regularly. To keep each fillet in one piece, I fry it on the skin side only. It gets a little steam session so that the top and inside gets cooked too. Teriyaki Salmon Fillet Ingredients (for one portion) 1 salmon fillet 1 tablespoon teriyaki sauce A tiny bit if oil for the pan Salt (optional) Preparation Brush the fillet with the teriyaki sauce and marinade for an hour or so. Add oil to a hot pan, carefully lay the fillet skin side down and sprinkle with sault. Fry for several minutes. You should see the cooked colour (less bright) of the fish rise up the side. When it reaches the top, Add up to half a cup of water to the pan and cover. Allow steam to cook fish through (about 10 minutes depending the thickness of your fish). Remove lid and continue cooking until all the water is …

A nice bit of beef

Nosh sells some lovely beef and this piece was perfect for marinading to make a teriyaki beef with. The meat had a good beefy flavour which is often missing from supermarket beef. I usually buy cheap cuts of beef to stew or braise. But every now and then it’s nice to treat yourself to some more expensive beef to cook medium rare (or rarer). I like my beef to be pink and juicy and this was no exception. Marinade: Sesame oil, soy sauce, mirin, rice wine, sugar and grated ginger. Topped with a sesame seed blend and served with white rice, snow peas and mushrooms.