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Make A Lasagna

I love lasagna but have always avoided making it for fear of hard work. I read a few recipes and found them all to be quite different. With that in mind, I figured I could just take a combination of recipe ideas and still do ok. I made the meat sauce in the morning with beef and lamb mince, 1 onion, 4 garlic cloves, a can of pasta sauce, 1 pottle of tomato paste and a can of whole tomatoes. I browned and then simmered it for an hour and then left it alone until the evening. My friend Miss A helped me with the cheesey white sauce. We used ricotta, milk, butter, flour, vintage cheddar. Meat sauce and cheese sauce layered between 4 sheets of fresh pasta and topped with more cheese sauce and a thin layer of mozzarella. Covered in foil and into the oven for 30 minutes at 175°C. Then another 25 uncovered. Eat with good company and plenty of red wine. Miss A had made a decadent banoffee pie for dessert. …

Eating a snake and drinking cat poo coffee

Friends of snakes, look away now. Killing and eating a snake was always going to be an interesting experience. I’d read about it online and I had a fair idea of what to expect. We talked to our hotel owner and receptionist about it and they called a taxi for us. Unfortunately the taxi driver hadn’t been briefed and “Le Mat” which was the snake village didn’t seem to ring any bells. It was only after I drew and showed him a picture of snake while we gestured eating motions that he got it. “Ahhhh La Maaaat!”. All good. He drove us to a restaurant and he communicated to us that he would wait outside while we ate. It’s quite normal in SE Asia countries for taxi drivers to wait outside for you. Something that is unheard of in New Zealand unless you’re using an ATM or something super quick. Taxis are very cheap in Vietnam and our return trip including the hour wait while we ate,  cost only 94,000VND / $6NZ / $4.50US. I’d read about …

Foodie Treasures from the South East

Some of the foodie treasures I picked up from south east asia. I’ve always wanted a mortar and pestle and making my own green curry from scratch in a cooking school in Chiang Mai made the want a need. Weasel coffee from Vietnam, table cloth, coconut wood salad servers and serving spoon from Thailand I also gifted a package to my work because they were fantastic about letting me holiday for 10 weeks. In their package there was the same chili sauce, weasel coffee, Sabah Tea (from Borneo) and coconut salad servers. I coveted this Thai/Laos style BBQ cooker, a chopping board and a cleaver, but alas, these were not to be found in the usual tourist markets. If anyone knows of a Thai BBQ restaurant in Auckland or where to buy a cooker from, let me know.