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Friday Favourites: Ham roll

Let the world know that I have a special place in my heart for ham on the bone. Maybe it’s the excess it represents. You can’t get a small ham on the bone. It’s usually enough to feed a party. Maybe it’s the sweet glaze on that fatty exterior. Maybe it’s that savoury, flavourful meat that’s tender and can be eaten hot or cold. Gee, just writing about it makes me salivate. In any case, I always make it a point to eat ham outside of Christmas.

I once met a random guy outside a bar. He was a friend of a friend of a friend. He said that he recognised me from a party at a bar years ago. He remembered that this party had ham. It was my 22nd birthday and the ham was a gift from my parents. We had an art exhibition at a bar and served up ham rolls to all that came. What a wonderful thing to be remembered for.

Here lies Bunny.Eats.Design.
She partied with Ham.

Anyway, enough hamming around! I present to you this edition of Friday Favourites: Ham Roll

On Saturdays at La Cigale French Markets in Parnell, the Fiona’s Gourmet Foods stall serves up chunky slices of ham on the bone in fresh bread with lime aioli, marrakesh condiment (or relish), honey mustard and rocket. At $5 a pop, this is a bargain and a great way to sample some of the wonderful condiments made by Fiona’s Gourmet Foods. Condiments are also available for sale separately.

Fiona’s Gourmet Foods can be found online at

Highlights of La Cigale French Markets:

Gourmet groceries, French pastries to die for (on Saturday), fancy cheese.

Don’t come here if you are on a tight budget. Markets run on Sundays, but it’s not at capacity so many stalls are closed. There are no French baked goods available on Sunday so don’t bother if that’s on your grocery list.

Market Hours
Open Saturdays  8am to 1pm
Open Sundays 9am to 2pm

La Cigale
69 St Georges Bay Road
(off the Strand end)
New Zealand
Ph: 09 366 9361

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  1. Mmmm ham.
    The french markets also have organic sausage in a roll with rocket salad and all the relish and aoli you want. So good.

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