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Tasting, tasting, 1, 2, 3.

2011 will be my third Taste festival and I’m looking forward to trying and buying new delicious things and soaking up the good atmosphere down at Victoria Park. Taste of New Zealand kicks off this evening in Victoria Park, Auckland and the menu can be found on their website here or scroll to the bottom of this post. The dishes range from 8 to 20 crowns and a crown costs $1.

This year, there are 13 restaurants offering 35 dishes.

Quick breakdown:

  • Dessert 5
  • Shellfish 5
  • Fish 5
  • Venison 3
  • Beef 3
  • Pork 3
  • Lamb 3
  • Duck 2
  • Chicken 2
  • Rabbit 1
  • Mixed grill 1
  • Vegetarian 1

There are loads of dishes for omnis and pescis, but only 1 vege dish of portobello mushroom.

I ordered 4 dishes last year (all the ones on my wishlist) and I recommend 3 or 4 dishes per person for dinner. Don’t forget to make room for all the samples on offer. It’s great to have someone with you so you can sample their dishes too. Last year, we tasted a total of 10 dishes as a group.

I have my eye on these for Taste 2011:

(in order of preference)

  1. True South Dining Room: West coast white bait Thai infused fritter, pickled cucumber and lime creme fraiche – 10 Crowns
  2. Cape Kidnappers: Steamed baby Paua, crisp vegetable salad, sesame and soy dressing – 10 Crowns
  3. Marvel Grill: Marvel Pork Spare Ribs with tangy BBQ sauce on wasabi & caper coleslaw – 10 Crowns
  4. Monsoon Poon: Vietnamese Summer Rolls with 5-spice roasted South Island duck – 10 Crowns

I’ve never had whitebait before so this fancy sounding fritter will hopefully set the bar quite high.

I’ve had paua many times before but always at a Cantonese restaurant or made by my parents. This will be an interesting one.

Pork is my favourite meat so I couldn’t resist this rib.

I couldn’t say no to duck last year and this year is no different. I like the sound of a rich meat like duck in a fresh and light summer roll.

As well as the restaurants there are lots of wonderful NZ food and wine products to sample and great show specials.

So bring a foodie friend, an open mind, an appetite and a shopping bag. See you there!

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