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Transferable skills

I was at work and in my fist was a small piece of paper that said “Italy”. During the world cup season, we each had to bring in a morning tea based on our drawn countries. What to bring? There are many yummy Italian foods. Pizza, pasta, antipasto, breads….

Being a terrible baker, I challenged myself to bake for everyone at work.

Chinese fighting muffins

Light, fluffy bread and moist cakes? Never! It’s not my style. My baking is generally hard and dry. So I figured, why not harness my natural talent for making Chinese fighting muffins? Look upon it as a transferable skill. Maybe you have a negative cooking skill that could be turned right given the perfect recipe?

Biscotti is hard and never moist. Biscotti is classy. Biscotti would be perfect.

I found this online chocolate biscotti recipe by Susan from Farmgirl Fare. If I’m afraid of making something, the words easy and beginners in the heading makes a big difference. I worried about burning these since it’s hard to tell if dark brown biscotti is cooking or burning. By the time you know for sure, it’s already too late. I shouldn’t have worried. The biscotti came out perfectly and disappeared at morning tea the next day. What a relief!

These are are crisp and crunchy, but won’t break your teeth and are also ideal for dunking. I added a teaspoon of coffee, but in hindsight, Susan’s suggestion of a tablespoon would have been better. Perhaps even a coffee liqueur next time.

This post is part of Sweet New Zealand, a monthly blogging event open to all Kiwi bloggers. Founded by Alessandra Zecchini, this month’s event is hosted by Sue from Couscous & Consciousness. See here for more info on this month’s event.


  1. Wow, these look great. I’ve got to admit that baking is definitely not my strong suit either – light and fluffy nearly always turns to something more “brick-like” in my hands. I really should give biscotti a try – I might just be able to pull something like this off.

    Thanks for sharing with Sweet New Zealand this month 🙂


    • Bunny Eats Design says

      Thanks for hosting this month Sue! The linky thing was very cool.

      I’m on the look out for more baked goods that might benefit from my terrible special baking skills.

    • Bunny Eats Design says

      lol. You don’t have the Chinese Fighting Muffing touch. What went wrong with your biscotti?

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