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Land of Milk and Hammy


Last night I saw that local food store Nosh, was offering 2 litre jugs of milk for $2 to raise awareness of high milk prices in New Zealand. We a lot for milk even though we are one of the world’s biggest dairy exporters. $2 litres of milk usually ranges from $3.50 up to $6.

Today, the New Zealand Herald reported that Nosh’s February only offer was being extended until the end of 2012 and other chains are now tipped to follow suit. Milk wars on!!! Good on you Nosh for being a pioneer on the price of milk. Nosh are a very small reseller of milk so good on them for taking on the giants.

Full article here.

Some comments on this is that Nosh will have to increase the price of other items to pay for the drop in the price of milk. Since I didn’t buy milk at Nosh before, this hike in everything else would affect me. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Nosh’s gourmet positioning turns people off sometimes, but when I shop at Nosh, I grab their specials which are are much cheaper than the big chains.

For example, the stuff I have my eye on this week at Nosh that are cheaper than my closest supermarket are:

Milk 2L. Nosh: $2. Countdown: $4.09

King Salmon Fillets. Nosh: $24.99kg. Countdown: $35.99kg

Lamb and herb sausages. Nosh: $12.99kg. Countdown: $14.99kg

Lamb leg steaks. Nosh: $27.49kg. Countdown: $29.49kg

Nectarines. Nosh: $4.49kg. Countdown $5.99kg


While I’m on the subject of Nosh, over the weekend, their Mt Eden store had a Ibérico ham tasting demo with Ruben Espana from Espana e Hijos. If this $165 per kilo spanish ham is out of your budget, you could have had complimentary a taste or two on Nosh. The delicious prosciutto-style ham is meant to be savoured, not shovelled. Thanks for obliging for photos Ruben!

Ruben Espana

This poetic description from the Nosh website:

The story of Jamón Ibérico ham is steeped in mystery and romance.  The ancient oak pastures of Spain, the noble black Ibérico pig, the mountain air which caresses each ham as it magically is transformed into one of the worlds most exquisite foods – all play a part in this uniquely Spanish phenomenon.  Greatness can only be achieved with patience, skill and adherence to traditional methods.

Jamón Ibérico


  1. Great post! The Nosh website show 2 bottles of 2L milk for $4… can you just get 1 bottle for $2? Though to be honest, we usually have trouble getting though 1L before it expires, unless I am baking or something. I am surprised they are doing this given they are making a loss on each bottle they sell, but I guess they are hoping people will buy other things at the same time too.

    Serafin had a ham carving session on Saturday as well, but in the evening. I wonder if it was done by the same guy?

    • Bunny Eats Design says

      Sounds like it could be the same guy as Serafin is a Spanish restaurant and only down the road from Nosh.

      I haven’t tried buying 1 bottle of milk from Nosh, but when I buy just 1 avocado (4 avo for $2), it costs 50 cents for one. I found that the shop was much busyier than normal and many of their other specials (like salmon) were sold out. So it seems like they are doing well out of this promotion.

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