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Design at The Food Show

I’ll be honest. I buy food and wine that has beautiful packaging.

My pulse quickens, I may gasp aloud and I’ve been known to squeal with delight. I am an absolute sucker for pretty bottles, labels, quirky illustrations and unique materials. As a print designer who also happens to be obsessed with food, I would love nothing more than to design just for the food. All day, every day. Heaven.

Yesterday at The Food Show was like food design geek OVERLOAD. So many lovely designs. So little time.

It was a lovely surprise to see The Good Tempered Chocolate Company at The Food Show. The ornate, hand drawn logo I designed for Hayley was on display for everyone to see. Excite!

The Good Tempered Chocolate Company

Hayley’s hand made chocolates are to die for and she sweetens me up by bringing me her wonderful treats to sample.

The Good Tempered Chocolate Company

I had the pleasure of trying her new Peanut Butter Deluxe Chocolate a few weeks ago and she launched it at The Food Show. Hayley shared a stall with Pic’s Really Good Peanut Butter.

Pic’s Really Good Peanut Butter

The Koala and I have been enjoying PB & J most days lately. If you ever thought that it needed a revamp, here’s how we do it. Take a perfectly toasted slice of ciabatta, smear it with Pic’s Really Good Peanut Butter and top with my friend’s auntie’s guava jelly or a similar tart jam. Oh. My. Buddha. We dream about this concoction. We go on (and on) about how delicious it is every time we eat it. It’s like we can’t really believe it and it surprises us every time. It hasn’t gotten old yet. But sadly, the guava jelly has been demolished. Pic’s is the best peanut butter I have tasted. It’s a crunchy one so be warned (or delighted).

Here are some of the gorgeous designs that caught my eye at The Food Show this year.

Kokoleka Premium Hot Chocolate

Little Paddock Ice Cream

Tomette’s whimsically mustached heat and eat meals

Online free range butchers Moreish had a great looking stall

A smorkin’ labbit at Atomic

Caffe L’affare’s illustrated packaging are works of art

Ritzling “bottled happiness” 4 pack box

Le Rustique French Brie

Divinity Olive Oil

Korean Grapes character was very sweet

The Fresh Grower had a simple but effective packaging system

The 3rd Man wines


  1. Haha! Seriously reminds me of the time I bought a horrible (and expensive) bottle of Shiraz, for the fact that it’s label was a cartoon strip. Damn!

  2. I do love great packaging. It just makes the actual product feel so much nicer! I can be deceptive too, but I find that if the packaging is great and in good taste, the product is generally nice as well.

    Thanks for the photos from the Food Show! It looks like you are well on your way back to good health!

    • Yep. I’m eating my way back to health 😀

      It’s always a disappointment when a good product doesn’t have decent packaging to back it up. I feel like shaking the business owner and telling they have a winning product. They need to invest in it and believe in it themselves and give it a decent outfit!

  3. I really enjoyed this post. Thanks for causing us to focus on the design element of packaging.

  4. dianne says

    What a stunning blog!! I share your passion for food and innovative beautiful packaging – they just go hand in hand – a feast for the eyes and tastebuds!

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