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Dreaming of plump, sweet scampi


Auckland Anniversary means that our little city enjoys a 3 day weekend. This mid-Summer holiday means locals flock to the beach and the outdoors and gorge on fine food and booze (New Years resolutions already forgotten).

If you’re interested in feasting on incredibly fresh, beautifully cooked seafood, head down to Halsey Wharf at Wynyard Quarter next weekend for the Auckland Seafood Festival. A community project with proceeds going to local charities, there’s all sorts of good juju in attending this festival. Not to be missed if you love seafood.


With over 65 seafood dishes on the menu there is surely several dishes to tickle the tastebuds of seafood lovers.


The Wild Seafood Challenge is on again and for $12 a good way to tick off some seafood boxes. This year’s Wild Seafood Challenge includes:

  1. Raw Kina
  2. Marinated Sea Cucumber in Coconut with Ginelli’s Lemon, Lime and Cucumber Sorbet
  3. Marinated Grilled small fish with Kawakawa aioli
  4. Grilled Octopus
  5. The Mussel Mary with Ginelli’s Champagne sorbet
  6. Grilled Scampi


Last year’s super popular Scampi Street will be back and I’m getting all hot and bothered about another chance to try a couple of plump, sweet scampi cooked in various different ways.


Two new features are Bluff Salmon and Fillet ‘n Fries. Pretty tame stuff when it comes to seafood in New Zealand, let’s see if they can show us something new.

For more information including ticket info, programme, map and directions, visit their website: or keep up to date via their Facebook page here.

Photos in this post are from last year’s festival. Check out my post the 2012 festival including more mouthwatering photos here.

Tips for the Auckland Seafood Festival

  1. Go with a seafood loving friend.
  2. Don’t visit hungover (lesson learned).
  3. Wear comfortable shoes if you plan on walking around. Killer heels if you plan on hanging out at the oyster and champagne bar or VIP area.
  4. Wear a sun hat and sunscreen.
  5. Wipes will be handy for cleaning up after those hands on dishes.
  6. Bring a small bottle of water, it’s surprisingly thirsty work.
  7. Bring your camera, you won’t be the only one snapping up food porn shots.
  8. Have a quick look at the menu but allow yourself a few wild cards.
  9. Expect to spend $20 to $60 on food and drink per person. We spent $68 last year between two, so $34 per person. I consider this to be great value. I didn’t count the ticket price only because I consider it be entertainment rather than food cost.


Auckland Seafood Festival
Saturday, Sunday, Monday, 26-28 January 2013
11am to 6pm
Halsey Wharf, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland City
Ticket price: GA $20, VIP $109


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