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Home Grown Radishes

our-growing-edge-badgeThis post is part of Our Growing Edge, a monthly blogging event to encourage us to try new food related things. I am the host for this month’s event. If you have a blog and have tried something new with food this month, come and join this event.


Growing vegetables gives me a sense of child-like wonder. I get excited about each new advancement and I’m eager to visit the bottom of the garden every other day to view the changes. I’m proud of every little thing and show off each new thing to The Koala and to Tofu the bunny (one is semi-impressed, the other just wants to devour everything).

I’ve never tended to a vegetable garden before but I’m sure glad for all the resources available these days. According to numerous websites, radishes take 4 to 6 weeks from seed to harvest. So every other week for the from 5 weeks, I would pull up a finely prickled plant to check if the radishes were ready. They weren’t. They weren’t bulbing and there was nothing I could do about it but wait.

Then suddenly (it seemed), after 10 weeks, our first radishes were ready.


Purple plum radish looks a bit like a deep sea creature.

I picked off the tender flowers for Tofu the rabbit while we feasted on the peppery bulbs.

The Koala recalled how his Dad fixed himself radish sandwiches so I smeared fresh bread with a little cream cheese and avocado and topped them with slices of radish. A sprinkling of salt and pepper and they were ready to go. The sharp, crisp radishes are lovely with the soft creamy base.

A salad quick recipe

  1. Wash a few fresh cos leaves, pat dry and lay on a plate.
  2. Scatter fresh sliced radish on top.
  3. Mix shredded (smoked) chicken with mayo, chopped basil and a pinch of black pepper and pop into the centre.
  4. Arrange  soft boiled egg halves on top and scatter with more chopped basil.




  1. Beautiful! I love me a perfectly boiled egg with a perfectly gooey yolk. Bravo!

    I owe you a post for Our Growing Edge! Just been so swamped at the university. 5 more weeks and then I can get back to what makes me happy!

  2. Lucky you can grow things, I am the total opposite. I am so bad at it, even herbs that I buy on pots die the next day 🙂

  3. Effing love radishes. My Polish grandad used to sit at the table and dip his home grown radishes in salt before devouring them… And that’s not code for anything 🙂

  4. I had family dinner at my place tonight and my Mum said ‘when you want to think about planting your veggie patch please call me’. BLACK THUMB OVER HERE! You go girl, chuck some radishes this way!

    • lol. I don’t know what my parents think of my thumbs, but I think I proved them wrong. To be honest, I never showed any interest in gardening…or cooking when I was younger. But now that I realise that both can lead to food, it’s a different story 🙂

  5. Half of my radishes are just leaves and no bulbs. Disappointing. I do wonder where the guidelines come from; my radishes certainly take longer and I seldom get those lovely round bulbs, just gnarly elongated radishes.

    • All tops and no bottoms. That is exactly what I thought too. Until one day they were ready. I think it is just a waiting game now. Check them once a week. Especially the ones at the back! You will see the tops of the bulbs. Good luck.

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