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Foodbox 1


Foodbox, The Appetiser, $33 incl delivery, Over 7kg

“Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing that a tomato doesn’t belong in a fruit salad.” Miles Kington

It is Autumn and daylight savings means I wanna cut corners. I don’t want walk to the market after work in the rain and dark, so I get stuff delivered. It’s convenient, not lazy. Lazy would be ordering takeout because there’s no food in the house.

Last winter, we ate through 3 months of Ooooby deliveries. I loved receiving a weekly delivery of produce and extra tasty add ons.

I am trialling FoodBox for a month or two, to compare the experience.

First impression

Our first Foodbox arrived this week and we received the Appetiser which is $33 per week including delivery. A major difference for us this time round is that we now have a vegetable garden so I’ve put a few things on the “do not want list”. No point in eating home grown lettuce and store bought lettuce each week.

The box weighs over 7kg and I’m a seriously overwhelmed at how much food there is. I’m concerned that it may be too much food. What have I gotten myself into?

Our Foodbox had 10 kinds of vegetables and 6 kinds of fruit. Much more than I would usually buy in a week. The produce is in picture perfect condition. A stark contrast to the home grown look of Ooooby boxes. No snails in sight here!

Eggs  arrived outside of the box. This was very much appreciated. We had eggs delivered from a supermarket chain a few weeks ago and 4 of their eggs arrived broken.


Roots, 1.75kg


  1. reed avocado x 1
  2. lettuce x 1
  3. broccoli x 1
  4. courgettes x 3
  5. tomatoes x 2
  6. onions x 3
  7. potatoes x 5
  8. kumara x 1
  9. sweetcorn x 3
  10. mushrooms x 250 grams

Most of the fruit, 1.55kg


  1. lime x 1
  2. apples x 3
  3. nashi x 2
  4. feijoa x 4
  5. kiwifruit x 3
  6. bananas x 3

Add ons

  • 1 dozen free range eggs

The most interesting thing in the box

Lime and nashi were probably the most exotic. It was nice to get the sweetcorn and avocados too since the season for them is pretty much over.

CSA Link Party

If you are interested in CSA and what see what other people around the world are getting each week in their boxes, please check out at the weekly link party What’s In The Box over at Heather’s blog In Her Chucks.

What am I going to do with it?

Check back tomorrow to see my menu using these ingredients.


  1. What size box did you get? I get foodbox as well, so am interested in your comparison with Oooby!

    • Hi Mands, we got Foodbox’s Appetiser $33 which would be comparable to Ooooby’s Original $28 or Organic $33 boxes. Which do you get and how long have you been getting it for?

      • We do the Appetiser as well & have been getting it fortnightly since Aug last year. Great quality veg but I get a bit sick of common items like broccoli. Fortnightly works best as we can supplement with farmers market or local grocers.

        • Yes, fortnightly is a good idea. We have a little vegie garden so can top up using that. I could focus on growing asian greens for us and the bunny if none are delivered.

          • No, they’re pretty good with their asian greens – I’ve had lovely bok choy & choy sum 🙂

            • Oh that’s good. We have some bok choy growing but I just take a couple of leaves a day for Tofu…along with a few leaves of a bunch of other things. He has the most amazing salads each day.

  2. That is a serious amount of fruits and veg, I’m sure you’re feeling healthier just by having the delivery. I like a menu plan each week, it helps to keep me on track and there is little fear of choosing an unhealthy option.

  3. How come you stopped with Ooby? I hope Ooby comes to Sydney. 7kg is a lot of fresh produce 🙂 My Mum used to run a fruit and veg delivery service. Such a cool business.

    • I stopped Ooooby last year when it started to get warmer and I was keen on my walks to the market again. There is something charming about walking to the market when it’s warm and light and getting to choose what you eat. But we’re trying Foodbox this time round to see how they compare. They offer different things and after 1 delivery, I haven’t decided which I prefer.

  4. This seems so much cheaper than the supermarket, and you get much more of a variety. I might have to look in to getting these now that I know what delicious treats are waiting inside!


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