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Sweet Mother’s Kitchen

Thanks to our friend Elijah for this recommendation. I am obsessed with New Orleans cuisine so I was already biased. We ate a breakfast and a dinner shift and would have eaten a lunch too if they were open on Queen’s Birthday. Sweet Mother’s Kitchen stole our hearts (arteries and all). Photos are only of breakfast because night time photography is rubbish.

Is it self righteous to say they play really, really good music when really, I just mean they play all my favourite bands? Maybe.


I was stoked to be able to try chicken and waffles. We don’t eat chicken for breakfast in New Zealand. It’s just not a thing. So for those who have never heard of chicken and waffles, it’s deep fried chicken served with waffles and syrup. Sounds crazy right?

Come here for…

Cajun and Creole dishes from Louisiana and a smattering of Mex snacks.

Unexpectedly wonderful…

Curly fries with Creole mayo.

The most interesting thing on the menu…

  • Gumbo, jambalaya, chowder and hush puppies are obvious classics. But I was more interested in the Creole and Cajun dishes I have yet to see elsewhere in NZ like:


  • Chicken and Waffles


  • Beignets (ben-yay) a deep fried donut with New Orleans/French ties
  • Po’ Boys a New Orleans style sandwich. Historically, invented to feed the poor
  • The six item pie menu: Apple pie, Pecan and bourbon pie, Peanut butter pie, Rhubarb and strawberry streusel, Key lime pie, and Banana cream pie.

I would come back to try…

All the classics. The Koala was got food envy at someone else’s burger. I admit, it looked good but you don’t visit New Orleans to eat burgers do you?

The atmosphere is…

Bustling. These guys are constantly busy and for good reason. The interior has a well loved, cosy feeling that you might expect of an eating house in the French Quarter.


Expect to spend…

Anywhere between $10 to $40 on food.

The service was…

Decent. Excellent on our dinner visit, lesser on our breakfast visit (It was Saturday morning so it’s possible the staff weren’t fully alive yet). Good suggestions and service. When I get a compliment for ordering the best thing on the menu I feel like I among friends. Clearly passionate staff.

Avoid if…

You are on a diet but not if you are vegetarian as there are plenty of non-meat options.

Sweet Mother’s Kitchen
Address: 5 Courtnay Place, Wellington
Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday 8am to  10.30ish pm, Friday and Saturday 8am to late
Phone: 04 385 444


  1. I’m glad you had a great experience Genie, the food looks awesome! I’ve been to New Orleans and it is as awesome as it gets!

  2. There are a couple of places here in St. Louis where I can get Beignets (and lots of other NOLA-style cuisine). All is yum. Looks like Mama ain’t slackin’ none! 😀

  3. ooh chicken and waffles that is interesting. Wellington is too far to go for breakfast tho hehe

  4. This is an interesting combination but I guess if we can do waffles with bacon why not chicken. Yum!

  5. I love this place! Last went in ’09, so am pleased to see it’s still going strong. H1 and I have started to throw round the idea of an American roadtrip before we move home (so some years away still…) and New Orleans is high on my list of places to go!

  6. Nice! Glad you had a good time at Sweet Mother’s – I do love the food, unfortunately the service usually errs on the bad side of ‘average’ though. 😦
    Fi x

  7. Mrs D and I have hit Sweet Mothers Kitchen every time we’ve been to Wellington, we even took my dad there for breakfast when he was down from the UK. I think this place depicts Wellinton well, such a cool vibe, great coffee and also great tunes being played…oh and the food, well it’s just delicious. Great blog and you take such awesome pics 🙂

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