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Naturally Organic Menu 1


This winter, I’m testing out a few CSA and produce delivery companies in Auckland. Currently our delivery is from Naturally Organic. Naturally Organic is a market based in Albany, Auckland and you can view the contents of the box on my post here.

A brief menu this week. Plenty of leftovers for lunch though.

Naturally Organic Menu 1

Items in bold are from our Naturally Organic box.

  1. Spiced pumpkin soup with garlic toast
  2. Orange roast chicken with beetroot, pumpkin and carrot
  3. Chili bean chicken with kale yellow rice
  4. Minted lamb chops with sauteed kale, mushrooms and The Koalas fried potato
  5. Cheesy kale and mushroom macaroni with breadcrumb and parmesan topping
  6. Grilled pork chops with caramalised pear, sauteed cabbage and potato mash.
  7. Beef and bean nachos with cheese
  8. Maple French toast with banana and bacon
  9. Porridge with banana
  10. Hong Kong style breakfast: macaroni soup with ham, fried egg and sliced cabbage.

  11. Chinese tea egg salad with spring onion, sesame, bean sprouts, red cabbage, grated carrot and orange   (pictured)
  12. Ham sandwich with cheese, red cabbage, bean sprouts and pickle
  13. Prawn, red cabbage, carrot and spring onion rice paper rolls
  14. Dessert pancakes with banana, chocolate and berry sauce

This Chinese tea egg salad is just a variation on a boiled egg salad. Tea eggs taste amazing and are very easy to make. A great way to get out of a boiled egg rut. Check out my recipe for Chinese tea eggs here.


Chinese Tea Egg Salad

1 Chinese tea egg (recipe here)
A handful or so each of colourful vegetables of your choosing (cabbage, carrot, bean sprouds, beetroot, celery, spring onion, red onion, radish)
1/2 an orange
1 teaspoon toasted sesame seeds


  1. Chop, slice or grate vegetables and arrange in layers on a plate.
  2. Peel and quarter the chinese tea egg and lay on top.
  3. Squeeze orange over the top and serve with orange slices.
  4. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.




    • Good for leftovers too 🙂

      Pasta and soup are 2 dishes that The Koala will happily go vegetarian for. I think as long as there are carbs and sauce, he can do away with meat.

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