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Naturally Organic box 2


Naturally Organic, One Person Fruit & Vege Box, $19 +$7.98 delivery

This winter, I’m testing out a few CSA and produce delivery companies in Auckland. I have already tried and the next one on my list is Naturally Organic. Naturally Organic is a market based in Albany, Auckland and their produce boxes are only a small part of what they offer.

Since our last order was a little overwhelming, this round I went for the smallest box and added some fun extras. I ordered the One Person Organic Fruit and Vege Box for $19 plus $7.98 delivery and also added some Māori potatoes (urenika) and onions to bump up the produce to $26.25 to be comparative. The $19 produce weighed 5.4kg (vegetables 2.4g, fruit 3kg) and the onion and potatoes an extra 1kg.

Unlike other companies that have a set delivery day, Naturally Organic offer 6 day delivery. Check their website out for specific details for your area, but I can order up to 7 days in advance and get same day delivery Monday to Friday if I order by 9.30am.


First impression

Even though we had less produce, the box was huge this week due to all the add ons. All the meats were individually wrapped in newspaper with ice packs and the frozen items stayed frozen.

The greens were a bit ragged looking this time but this could be because silverbeet is a more delicate than kale.


  1. Carrots x 4
  2. Red cabbage x 1/2
  3. Silverbeet (swiss chard) x 6 stems
  4. Chickpeas x 150g


  1. Kiwifruit x 9
  2. Granny Smith Apples x 5
  3. Bananas x 5
  4. Bosc Pears x 5

Add ons

  1. Māori potatoes (urenika)
  2. Onions
  3. Free range eggs
  4. Free range chickens (size 18)
  5. Harmony free range bacon
  6. Free range chicken frames (1kg)
  7. Aoraki Hot Smoked Salmon Pieces (500g)


Free sample

We received a coconut water drink as a free sample. I’m sure it’s really good for you, but turns out I not like coconut water and The Koala thought it tasted like ass. Still, I drank it all since we had been out the night before and whether placebo or remedy, I felt ok.

The most interesting thing in the box

Sprouting Chickpeas and Māori potatoes (urenika).


I adore chickpeas, but realised this week that I had never tried raw chickpeas. The green, slightly bitter flavour is so different from cooked chickpeas. It takes a little getting used to.

Māori potatoes (urenika) are pretty special and are not sold at your regular market due to the small supply. They are knobbly, small and sausage shaped but the best thing about them is their secret purple flesh. So purple, it’s almost improper.


Next time

Predictably, The Two Person Fruit and Vege Box $30 is slightly better value than the One Person Fruit and Vege Box $19. Both are great value by organic standards.

  • Two Person Fruit and Vege Box $30/9kg = $3.33 per kg
  • One Person Fruit and Vege Box $19/5.4kg = $3.52 per kg

CSA Link Party

If you are interested in CSA and what see what other people around the world are getting each week in their boxes, please check out at the weekly link party What’s In The Box over at Heather’s blog In Her Chucks.


  1. aimeeberrett says

    Wow, what a cool idea! And I love those purple potatoes too! How do they taste?

  2. The chickpeas and potatoes look awesome. If you do end up with coconut water again, add chia seeds to it and wait until they go jelly. Add to a green smoothie 🙂

  3. The Māori potatoes look just like the french vitelotte … hmmm, wonder if they are the same thing?
    Exciting selection, and I’m particularly jealous of the hot smoked salmon … *green with envy*.

  4. oh, I love hot smoked salmon something fierce. and those purple potatoes are drop-dead gorgeous. they belong on a pizza or something where they can show off!

  5. That is pretty awesome. I wish I could test out a few different CSA’s, but here almost all of them are full memberships, so you must take them for the entire season. Is it the same where you are?

    • No, CSA her isn’t really what it is in the US. You just pay approx $30 per week. Some places here have 1 month minimum, others can go week by week. I think if the concept got more popular they may offer longer membership, but until it becomes popular, it is very hard to sell such a big commitment!

      • A whole season is a huge commitment! I think that’s why so many people share memberships over here. One of the reasons I have never done a fruit or veg one is that none of my friends here cook enough to want to go in on a season with me 😦

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