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Naturally Organic Menu 2


We had one of those weekends where you divide up your day into two-hour slots so you can get everything done.

I attended Creative Mornings last Friday and witnessed the entertaining magic of Otis and Sarah Frizzell’s taco truck adventure. Inspirational stuff. When you look upon their setbacks, I think most sane people would have quit long ago. I learned that sheep scrotums taste like bacon. Considering how many sheep we have in this country, perhaps this is a largely untapped market?

On Saturday The Koala and I happened to chance upon The Lucky Taco in Ponsonby so we shared four tacos and their flagship rice milk drink. I tried not to fan-girl too hard, I popped my head in the side door and maybe I gushed. Hopefully, Sarah and Otis were too busy to notice.

I met up with my friend Vanessa to help her set up a blog and she sent me home with a gang of lemons from her tree.

I’m super excited this week to play with the lovely delivery from Naturally Organics. Take a peek of our delivery this week on this post.

I’m also excited to make risotto for the first time and using the oak roasted salmon from Aoraki.

We’re properly into winter now, our heater is cranking and this menu features two soups.

Naturally Organic Menu 2

Items in bold are from our Naturally Organic box.

  1. Spatchcock chicken with slow roasted urenika potatoes and kumara, braised Granny Smith and red cabbage,
  2. Chicken, thyme and barley soup (with onions, carrots) served with warmed buttered bread
  3. Hainanese chicken with broth infused rice and garlic sauteed silverbeet
  4. Steak with egg fried rice and buttered carrots
  5. Lamb chops with purple mash and peas
  6. Pumpkin and bacon soup with a dollop of sour cream served with grilled cheese sandwiches
  7. Braised Granny Smith and red cabbage,
  8. Hot smoked salmon and lemon risotto with grated parmesan
  9. Burritos with shredded red cabbage, sour cream, peri peri sauce, melted cheese
  10. Smoked salmon and potato pizza with olive oil, fresh thyme, Parmesan and sour cream
  11. Smoked salmon pasta salad with lemon, mayo, capers, peas and sprouted chickpeas
  12. Chicken sandwiches with pickles, sprouted chickpeas, cheese, mayo and mustard
  13. Poached eggs and bacon on toast
  14. Creamy scrambled eggs on toast
  15. Dark chocolate, banana and berry crepes (eggs)


  1. Hainanese chicken rice is our absolute favourite since a friend from Hong Kong sent me the recipe – hope you enjoy it!

  2. Every weekend is like that, even a cottage weekend. But I have to ask, how cold is it that your heater is cranking? Don’t want to scare you about our winter temperatures….
    That Smoked salmon pasta looks amazing.

    • Oh, it doesn’t even snow here so it’s really not that cold. You would probably think it was balmy here today! But because it’s not that cold in Auckland, many houses don’t have insulation or any kind of heating system. Some days it is warmer outdoors than inside our house. I’m glad we are finally one of the lucky ones. Thank you landlord. We like our insulation.

  3. The salmon salad looks delicious! I’ve been trying to get up to Ponsonby to try out the Lucky Taco Truck for weeks, alas I’ve not made it yet, but I’m sure we’ll make it there soon. Have an awesome weekend.

    p.s. thanks again for all your help with the posters, I’ve given out half already this week to hang up around Auckland businesses 🙂

  4. Whoo hoo! You have Creative Mornings too? I went to the one in New York for the first time last month. It was artist Emilie Baltz. Are you familiar with her? She is AMAZING! This month’s theme is Space. Are you going again?

    Your menu looks fantastic too. Love the risotto. Looks delish!

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