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Naturally Organic 3


Naturally Organic, Two Person Fruit & Vege Box, $30 +$7.98 delivery 

This winter, I’m testing out a few CSA and produce delivery companies in Auckland. I have already tried and now I am trying is Naturally Organic. Naturally Organic is a market based in Albany, Auckland and their produce boxes are only a small part of what they offer.

Unlike other companies that have a set delivery day, Naturally Organic offer 6 day delivery. Check their website out for specific details for your area, but I can order up to 7 days in advance and get same day delivery Monday to Friday if I order by 9.30am.

First impression

Our first Two Person Box was overwhelming and the One Person Box wasn’t really enough so this round I requested the Two Person Box with more vegetables than fruit. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen and once again we received heaps of fruit. 44 pieces of fruit!

As before the produce is of excellent organic quality and the box was huge but felt a bit empty. I ordered some chicken this week and these were were individually wrapped in newspaper with ice packs.


Vegetables 2.1kg

  1. Silverbeet (swiss chard) x 1 large bag
  2. Red cabbage x 1/2
  3. Crown pumpkin x 1/2
  4. Leek x 1


Fruit 6kg

  1. Kiwifruit x 9
  2. Royal Gala apples x 12
  3. Navel oranges x 6
  4. Bananas x 9
  5. Winter Nellies x 8

Add ons

  1. Free range chicken frames (2kg)
  2. Free range chicken drumsticks (1kg)

The most interesting thing in the box

Nothing exciting in this box.


Next time

I like the size of the Two Person Box but will have to do something about the fruit / vegetable split. This week’s box was 25% vegetables and 75% fruit. 44 pieces of fruit compared to 4 kinds of vegetables is really uneven. Because of this, we have to buy vegetables from the supermarket which defeats the purpose of getting produce delivered. Maybe requesting no oranges in exchange for more vegetables would work?


CSA Link Party

If you are interested in CSA and like to see what other people around the world are getting each week in their boxes, please check out at the weekly link party What’s In The Box over at Heather’s blog In Her Chucks.

Note: This box was paid for by my hard earned money. This is an honest review, not an advertisement.



    • Hi Mands, great question.

      They each have different pros and cons and things may change if you were to get a family box instead of the person box.

      For us, was the best fit. Their food was great quality, a good balance and range, but not organic. I still have a few more companies to review but that would be where I suggest you start.

      Ooooby are great community base start up with some organic boxes but can be a little left field and the quality is not as good (because it some of it is supplied from home gardens). Naturally Organic are all organic if that is important to you, but I do not like their balance of fruit/vegetables.

      Hope that helps!

      • That’s awesome – thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I like Foodbox too; they have a good mix of fruit & vege & I like the seasonal, local aspect. Interested to see how the next few reviews go!

  1. 44 pieces of fruit!! yee gads. We eat a lot of fruit but that would be hard even for my family of five.

    • Oh but Tammy, that’s 1.26 pieces per person! We ended up eating 1.6 pieces of fruit each over the weekend but to finish this we’ll need to average 3.1. I think I’m bringing fruit to work to share this week!

  2. you have access to such great produce! and I have absolutely no problem with fruit whatsoever 😀 I go through nearly 10 servings a day!

  3. Oh boo. We eat so much more vegetables than fruit. Esp with my little fluffy butts! They eat a big bowl each at night. I still love the idea of the delicious suprise on your door step though 🙂

  4. Susan Shelley says

    We love our veges and all that fruit would make me cry.Fruit is usually fairly expensive and has become less of our diet other than apples and bananas.What else would you eat with your dinner except veges??

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