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The Honesty Box 2


Way, way back in the late ’80s, a young boy at Glenholme Primary School in Rotorua, New Zealand accidentally slammed his fingers in the classroom door. I will never forget it because he also happened to be holding a tamarillo at that precise moment.

The horrific tamarillo mess will be forever etched into my mind. As the news spread that someone had squished their fingers in the door, the fact that he was also holding a tamarillo dropped away. To our active imaginations, it was finger guts that bloodied the classroom entrance.

I have honestly never bought a tamarillo in my  life. I guess subconsciously, finger guts are pretty far down on the list of my preferred fruit. It’s a shame really, because I just found out that The Koala adores tamarillos.

This winter, I’m testing out a few CSA and produce delivery companies in Auckland. If you are curious about CSA and like see what other people around the world are getting each week in their boxes, please check out at the weekly link party What’s In The Box over at Heather’s blog In Her Chucks.

honestybox2-2     honestybox2-8

First impression

This time a branded The Honesty Box arrived with a smart but simple typographic print. I’m a bit of a typography geek so this went down well with me. Once again there was 11kg of produce in this box and at $37.50NZ including delivery, the average cost was less than $3NZ per kilo. Very good value.

I’m loving the colours in this box. Oranges, reds, purple. Warm, inviting and quite photogenic.

It should be noted that there was more vegetables and less fruit than our last delivery. Probably due to the whooping 3.2kg pumpkin!

Vegetables 7.2kg

  1. Spinach x 3
  2. Broccoli x 1
  3. Beetroot x 3
  4. Potatoes x 2
  5. Carrots x 2
  6. Pumpkin x 1
  7. Onions x 2



Fruit 3.7kg

  1. Grapes x 600g
  2. Tamarillos x 2
  3. Bananas x 6
  4. Mandarin x 6
  5. Apples x 4
  6. Kiwifruit x 4
  7. Lemon x 1



  1. Herb pouch (rosemary and thyme)
  2. Garlic bulb x 1


The most interesting thing in the box

A lovely pair of tamarillos (also known to me as finger guts)


I’m very pleased to report that my request for “no oranges” was followed and that while I don’t eat oranges, I do love mandarins. So well done The Honesty Box. You did good.

Note: This box was paid for by my hard earned money. This is an honest review, not an advertisement.


  1. You made me wanna try tamarillos so badly after reading this 😀 Let’s hope I can find them at the market today 🙂

  2. That’s a really well thought out box. I like the addition of aromatics and having some slightly more unusual vegetables and fruits. I’ve been very tempted in getting a box ever since you started your CSA series, but it’s just for me and I am usually out of town for a few days each week, so haven’t been able to justify it.

    • Yes, it’s a struggle to get through all of it, even with 2 people and we don’t eat out much. Some places offer 1 person boxes but it’s a lot harder to keep up that regime of produce eating on your own.

  3. Eeeewwww. Finger guts.
    I’ve never had tamarillos, and I’m not sure this description’s gonna tempt me 😉

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