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Mackenzie Country


View from our deck at Lake Tekapo

The Koala and I went to a wedding at Lake Hawea in the South Island of New Zealand. A great excuse for a little road trip on the other end of the country, we also visited Lakes Tekapo, Pukaki and Wanaka. The area is stunning, rich with photo ops and export quality food production. This is a countryside of milk and honey, lamb, wool, venison and very, very good salmon.

The middle of the South Island around the Southern Alps is known as Mackenzie Country. The area has a colourful history and you can read a short summary about James Mackenzie and his sheep stealing escapades here.

Driving through Mackenzie Country, it was hard not to fall in love with the alpine pasture and tussock, turquoise lakes, snow-capped mountains and millions of sheep. I squealed every time I saw a particularly adorable lamb. Being spring, there were more sweet faced lambs than you could shake a stick at. We stopped to converse with the livestock and while the sheep were vocal, they did not express the same love for us.

Aside from the classic country views, 5 highlights of our Mackenzie Country road trip were:

  1. Stargazing the very, very dark, very, very big night sky at Tekapo (the world’s largest International Dark Sky Reserve)
  2. Mt Cook Alpine Salmon overlooking Lake Pukaki and Mt Cook
  3. Venison and mushroom pie lunch beside Lake Tekapo
  4. A sunny afternoon on our deck with lake views and a bottle of Courvoisier
  5. Lazing and plunging at Tekapo Springs

p.s. Sorry no Monday Bunday or Tofu Tuesday this week. These will be back next week.

tekapo-02 tekapo-19 tekapo-20


  1. stargazing, mushroom pie, and picture-perfect lakes? it sounds like the perfect trip. are the pictures photoshopped, or are the colors really that gorgeous?

    • Hi Jennifer, it was a wonderful (if brief) trip. The colours are that gorgeous (the lakes are fed by turquoise glaciers) but I have done a little bit of post on them.

    • I wish I had photos of the sweet faced lambs. The lambs were very camera shy. The moment I got out of the car and made lamb noises at them, they all ran away!

  2. See you guys have nailed food. I wish Sydney would hurry up and be better. I want to move to NZ! It’s so beautiful. I will have my NZ road trip this year. I WILL!!

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