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Tofu Tuesday: Splore Food Guide


It is Splore this weekend! Splore is a 3-day music and art festival at Tapapakanga Regional Park on the outskirts of Auckland, New Zealand. Held every two years, Splore also happens to land on The Koala’s birthday. Now in it’s tenth edition, this year will be our sixth Splore. What makes Splore unique is it’s atmosphere and location. You can float in the sea while watching international and kiwi artists. If you like music, art and the beach, this is a winner.

Each year there is a broad dress-up theme and this year’s theme (due to Valentine’s day) is “Spread the Love”. Our camp is dressing up with a hint of tribal and I have my feathers and fur all ready to go.  Tofu only needs feathers, the fur part of his costume was already supplied. 😉 Please note this is only for a photo and Tofu isn’t really going to the festival. Splore have strict “no pets policy” and we wouldn’t do that do our pet.

We once brought our own food to the festival but without refrigeration or kitchen facilities in the heat of summer, the results can be revolting uninspiring. Sweaty cheese and brown avocado anyone? No takers? Luckily the food at Splore is delicious with many different foods represented to cater for different moods and diets.


For any foodies that are looking forward to the festival, here is a lineup of the culinary delights that you can hope to sample.

Splore food

For tickets and more info, please visit

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  1. That’s so cool, two friends of mine are going as well, but I had no idea this existed!
    Can you post some photos after the festival? I’d love to see them. J-.

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