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Splore Food 2015

This time last week, we were elbow deep in Splore. Splore is an extremely well run, three day festival of music and art. This was easily my favourite festival and it was over too quick. I’m a little ashamed to say I only ate 4 meals over 3 days because the food on offer is incredible. I did have plenty to drink…don’t worry, it wasn’t all Jägermeister and cider, I also managed a banana-berry smoothie and a green juice . Here’s a run down on some of the food we ate. Aloisio Brazilian BBQ Halloumi and Free range Harmony chorizo breakfast bun. Brazilian Churrasco. Chicken, beef and Brazilian sausage served with rice, black beans and vinaigrette topped with farofa (seasoned cassava flour). I only had a single meal during Day One and this plate of barbecued goodness from Aloisio kept me going for the whole the day (and night). Most people we saw shared a plate but The Koala and I had one each. No regrets! I loved the help yourself farofa which is a seasoned cassava flour and naturally …

A guide to Splore food

Splore starts tomorrow! Splore is a 3-day music and art astival at Tapapakanga Regional Park on the outskirts of Auckland, New Zealand. Originally held every two years, last year, Splore decided to become an annual event. As Splore also happens to land on The Koala’s birthday, we’ve pretty much got his birthday party sorted for all of time. Splore is now celebrating its 11th festival and this year will be The Koala and my 7th Splore. They have a great sustainable green ethos and the arty atmosphere and beachy location make it unique. You can float in the sea or lie on the beach while watching international and kiwi artists on the main stage. Up on the hills and scattered throughout the site are never seen before artworks to keen you entertained and amused. There are various workshops and markets if you want to broaden your mind or wardrobe. If you like music, art and the beach, this is a winner.  Home The theme this year’s theme is “Home”. Home isn’t a place, it is where …

Tofu Tuesday: Splore Food Guide

It is Splore this weekend! Splore is a 3-day music and art festival at Tapapakanga Regional Park on the outskirts of Auckland, New Zealand. Held every two years, Splore also happens to land on The Koala’s birthday. Now in it’s tenth edition, this year will be our sixth Splore. What makes Splore unique is it’s atmosphere and location. You can float in the sea while watching international and kiwi artists. If you like music, art and the beach, this is a winner. Each year there is a broad dress-up theme and this year’s theme (due to Valentine’s day) is “Spread the Love”. Our camp is dressing up with a hint of tribal and I have my feathers and fur all ready to go.  Tofu only needs feathers, the fur part of his costume was already supplied. 😉 Please note this is only for a photo and Tofu isn’t really going to the festival. Splore have strict “no pets policy” and we wouldn’t do that do our pet. We once brought our own food to the …

Jamaican Me Hungry

I heard of Jamaican Me Hungry when I tried their jerk pork at Splore 2010. Splore is my favourite music festival and Jamaican Me Hungry is my favourite Jamaican food source. They are caterers based out in Warkworth which makes them pretty niche. Jamaican food isn’t big here in NZ and I guess there isn’t much of a Jamaican population here. It’s shame because their food translates very well. 2 years later, last Sunday at Splore 2012, I had the pleasure of trying their curry goat. Wow. I was worried it would be a intense for a Sunday bungday (one that could have been hangover city), but I was feeling pretty good (considering the liquor and lack of sleep). The goat was oh-my-goodness delicious. I’m just sad that these guys don’t have a restaurant I can access. I really hope that the next Jamaican food I have is sooner than Splore 2014.

Tofu Tuesday: The Island of Hooha

We had an amazing weekend at Splore Festival over the weekend. This year’s theme was The Island of Hooha and it was great seeing everyone dress up for the occasion. Tofu didn’t come to Splore but he still posed for a few photos with us in our costumes. Here he is with the Safari Explorer.         Check out previous Tofu Tuesday posts here.