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Splore Food 2015

This time last week, we were elbow deep in Splore. Splore is an extremely well run, three day festival of music and art. This was easily my favourite festival and it was over too quick.

I’m a little ashamed to say I only ate 4 meals over 3 days because the food on offer is incredible. I did have plenty to drink…don’t worry, it wasn’t all Jägermeister and cider, I also managed a banana-berry smoothie and a green juice .

Here’s a run down on some of the food we ate.


Aloisio Brazilian BBQ

  • Halloumi and Free range Harmony chorizo breakfast bun.
  • Brazilian Churrasco. Chicken, beef and Brazilian sausage served with rice, black beans and vinaigrette topped with farofa (seasoned cassava flour).

I only had a single meal during Day One and this plate of barbecued goodness from Aloisio kept me going for the whole the day (and night). Most people we saw shared a plate but The Koala and I had one each. No regrets! I loved the help yourself farofa which is a seasoned cassava flour and naturally gluten free.

Aloisio have really upped their game since I first tried them last year, look how generous this is! Last year I suggested they could do with a little more rice and they didn’t disappoint. They have even added a huge serving of black beans. Yum!

The rest of the festival I was promoting this plate of food to friends and wondering when it would be a good time to order a second helping. It was tempting because they were right by our camp site. Too bad they had packed up by the time we made it back to camp on the final day.


My friend Miss A enjoyed their Halloumi and Chorizo bun for breakfast and they were also selling a chorizo-free version for vegetarians.


Bird On A Wire

  • Jamaican Jerk Chicken Roll.

I hate waiting in line, even especially at festivals, so when I saw the swift moving queue before Bird On A Wire, I fell in line to snap up a quick bite for lunch. Their free range chicken rolls are all pre-made and the salads only needed spooning into a bowl and topping with shredded chicken. Great system.


Cube Kitchen

  • Halloumi Cigar with mint infused watermelon and milled couscous.


This was my breakfast on Day Three. The watermelon was perfectly refreshing and the deep fried halloumi wrapped in a delicate pastry was so good I refused to share.

KB’s Fresh Fish Burgers

  • Fresh crispy battered gurnard with salad on a sesame seed bun.


While the buns and salad were set up and ready to go, the fresh gurnard fillets were battered and fried to order. KB’s made these fast and they made them well.


..And just to prove I’m not just a weirdo that goes to a music and art festival to eat a few meals, here are some snapshots from the rest of the festival. I won’t bother captioning them, you can make up your own story.

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  1. Aimee says

    Waaaah I wanna go back! Except for the frozen yoghurt, I only ate at the Brazilian place. I should feel ashamed but I’m not.

  2. Beautiful photos! I like your costume too, its great when people get into the dressing up. And the food descriptions have just made me feel incredibly hungry. Last Splore I lived on the Bird on a Wire rolls, they were sooo good.

    • Thank you! Dressing up is one of my highlights.

      I wanted to try everything at Bird On A Wire. The Jamaican Jerk chicken roll was yummy but a touch spicy for my slightly fragile state. I should have gone for something a bit easier.

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