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20. Mamak Malaysian Restaurant

In celebration of Auckland Restaurant Month, I will be posting 31 quick-fire reviews on 31 restaurants and cafes in the Auckland CBD and city fringe.


The atmosphere is…
Chancery Chic meets Malaysian street food. If you haven’t been to the Chancery, when it first opened, the cobble-stoned centre was very fancy. Now most of the stores have changed hands though the architecture remains. Very limited space inside so most of the seating is outdoors, they have heaters and big umbrellas for cold, wet nights.

Come here for…
Home made style Malaysian street food. A small selection of Malaysian main courses, drinks and appetisers. All at a food hall prices. Lots of tasty appetisers which are great for sharing.

The most interesting thing on the menu…

  • Nasi Lemak with ikan bilis (fried anchovies)
  • Spicy soft shell crab

Unexpectedly wonderful…

  • Roti – made on site
  • Beef Rendang
  • Satay Chicken

I would come back to try…
Their laksa – These steaming bowls of spiced noodles are are huge and popular. I must see what the fuss is about.

Catering to…
Omni, vegetarians and vegan. Many of the appetisers are vegetarian. Chilli lovers and not. Vegetarian and spice ratings marked on every menu item. Mamak is Halal.

Expect to spend…
$15-$25 per person

The service is…
Very good. Friendly and if you are unsure they can guide you through ordering.

Avoid if…
You don’t like Malaysian or Asian food. Some dishes are spicy but if you do not like spice, there are a few dishes you can eat.

Mamak Malaysian Restaurant
Chancery Square, 50 Kitchener Street, Auckland CBD
Open every day except Monday



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