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Al’s Deli Giveaway

Image credit: Al's Deli

Image credit: Al’s Deli

To celebrate 4 years of Bunny Eats Design, I’d like to share a few wonderful things that I’ve gushed about, salivated over and adored.

Al’s Deli could be loosely called a diner and serves Montreal-style food.

With special thanks to Aleks himself, we are giving away $20 of Al’s Deli goodness.

To enter, simply fill in the form at the bottom of this post.

You might come to Al’s Deli for the famous bagels, but you’ll come back for his food-gasm inducing dishes like poutine, 3-day hickory smoked ribs, and eye-widening specials like his soft shell crab burger and for the very adventurous, Clamato-based Bloody Mary with mini bagel garnish. Don’t know what Clamato is? Don’t worry about it, just try it (unless you are vegetarian or allergic to shellfish).

Image credit: Al's Deli

Image credit: Al’s Deli

Yesterday I took The Koala to Al’s Deli because I knew he would freak when he saw their menu. We got burgers, milkshakes and a plate of poutine to share. It was epic.



The Koala got the “Holy Tabarnak” which are 2 x 150g angus burger patties, special hickory rib BBQ sauce, cheese, smoked bacon, and onion rings on a freshly baked brioche bun. It demanded attention as was delivered to our table.


I ordered “The Cartier” which is a whole crispy softshell crab (legs comically sticking out the side), sriracha Japanese mayo, cabbage, sweet chili, coriander and spring onion on a freshly baked brioche bun. I’d see this burger on Al’s Deli Facebook page several times and just had to try it.


Alek’s passion for good food is insatiable and almost everything is made by hand. In a world where you can buy in almost anything to re-sell in your eatery (and most do), this is almost unheard of. I mean, I’ve heard of cafes baking their own bread, but Al takes it to a whole new level.

Image credit: Al's Deli

Image credit: Al’s Deli

Al’s Deli make fresh daily: bagels, brioche, sourdough rye, sausages, dry-cured maple cherry smoked bacon…(pause to draw a breath)...smoked brisket, maple smoked salmon, BBQ sauce, fries, and a range of desserts. Their prices are reasonable and there really is something for everyone. Their poutine even comes in a vegetarian version and they have a whole range of gluten free bagels (not just a token gluten free option).

Al’s Deli, 492 Queen Street (Entrance on City Road), Auckland CBD.
Phone 09 373 2961

Terms and conditions

  • 1 entry per person.
  • This competition is open to Auckland residents only.
  • It is the responsibility of the prize winner to redeem their prize.
  • Prize may not be exchanged for cash and no change will be given.
  • Entries close Wednesday 17 September 2014. Winner will be drawn on Thursday 18 September 2014. Winner will be contacted by email, announced here and on Facebook.

This competition is closed.


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  1. Is this.. a canadian-kiwi fusion restaurant? IN AUCKLAND! How did I miss this!! How was the food? Every newzealander I met was totally grossed out by the idea of gravy on fries, but its like the best, right?

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