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National Nut Day at Mondays


A bunch of foodies and bloggers got up super early this morning and enjoyed some delicious treats. 

In honour of National Nut Day, I was invited to eat nuts (literally) and chew the fat (not literally) with other food enthusiasts at Mondays Whole Foods in Kingsland. Mondays is the efforts of two local bloggers Eleanor Ozich from blog Petite Kitchen and Hannah Horton from blog Health Yeah. Mondays is a lovely light-filled space and an inspiration to bloggers everywhere (who dream of one day transforming their blog into a full time business).

national-nut-day01   national-nut-day04  national-nut-day06  national-nut-day08 national-nut-day09

We even got a surprise visit from a 75 foot tall squirrel (slight exaggeration).

I was way too excited to have my photo taken with him. It was like Disneyland 2009 all over again.


Yummiest dish: Apple and rhubarb crumble, slivered almonds, cocoa nutty topping.




I left Mondays well caffeinated, inspired and full of nuts.

National Nut Day is a day of celebrating the humble, nutritious nut. What ever your favourite nut is, why not indulge a little today?

I also met Laura from Laura Laura Blog and Rhi from In Rhi’s Pantry. Check up their coverage of the event here and here.



  1. colleenanderson says

    You’re killin’ me here. But where’s the squirrel’s tail?

  2. I missed National Nut day! damn… so fun with that squirrel. When I was small, if a huge squirrel (or any dressed up being like that) came anywhere near me, I was scream in panic haha! Is that you? So nice to see you, so cute 🙂

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