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Black Box 1 and 2


They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but sometimes the veiled payment is well worth the prize. 

SampleCo is a newish company that sends out a free box of goodies to households around the country. In return for your box of goodies, you must fill in an online survey of your impressions of the products. There are no right or wrong answers and a returned survey means you’re on the list for another Black Box in the future.


I signed up mid-year and got my first Black Box in June. The Koala and I loved the stuff in it and it was cool to receive products stuff we wouldn’t normally buy.

Last week we received our second black box.

A sort of in-home marketing focus group, you can try all the samples and voice your opinions. At this stage their free membership is full but check back here for sign up opportunities.

With many common house hold brands such as Watties, Anchor, Colgate, Tasti, Energizer, Eco Store, Kleenex and Tasti (to name a few) the products are often new and innovative.

I’m loving the latest box. Can’t wait to try these goodies!



  1. I received a Black Box a few days ago too! It was such an exciting package to receive. Do you know where to find the survey to fill?

  2. I know a few people who get black-box, but wasn’t sure about signing up. I think I’ll have to now (although, it looks like it will be waiting list for me! :))

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