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Tofu Tuesday: Textiles

It’s a week until winter arrives and we’ve been hit with a sudden cold snap. Heater, dehumidifier and hot water bottles were deployed last night. The last few weeks has seen me stocking up on warm things at Kmart. It’s my new favourite discount store. Most of the time I’m browsing for bargains. Things that look more expensive and well made than their price suggests. It’s kind of a game. I’m on a bit of a geometric kick at the moment which you may have noticed if you follow my Pinterest boards. Above we have Tofu the bunny with black and white geometric scarf and blue tone geometric cushion from Kmart. (Fur coat model’s own)

Monday Bunday: Sleepy Rabbit by Citta Design

This morning, The Koala started his new job. He was up before dawn and handed me a sleepy rabbit to snuggle with in his place. Tofu the bunny is extra lovely in the morning, especially when he wants to do a bit more snoozing. You can rub his ears and cheeks and he will grind his teeth in delight (kind of like a cat purring). Even after I’d gotten up, showered, dressed and breakfasted, Tofu the bunny was still snuggling on the bed enjoying the residual warmth. I felt cruel when it was time to scoop him up and put him outside. On that note, I’d like to present to you this new design called “Sleepy Rabbit” by New Zealand company Citta Design. Citta Design are just around the corner from where I live, work and play and they even have an outlet store next door to BLOC. I often visit during lunch time for a bit of window shopping. Kind of like a real life Pinterest. I could walk around the store putting little pin …

Monday Bunday: Rabbit cushion roundup

I think of novelty cushions as a ninja attempt to get soft toys into the living room. My cousin Charlene made me a larger than actual size sized ham cushion. Complete with black sequins as clove studs. It’s wonderful. I don’t have any bunny shaped pillows, but that doesn’t stop me from browsing. Top 5 bunny pillows 1. Bunny pillow by Bomb Design. Comes in a range of different fabrics including lamby-bunny! 2. The Rise and Fall Bunny Pillow from Urban Outfitters. 3. Rabbit cushion by Becky Baur. 4. Rabbit cushion by Julia Rothman. 5. Pink neon rabbit pillow by Lalalabel.