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Monday Bunday: Mark Hearld’s Harvest Hare

Check out this linocut design by artist Mark Hearld for St Jude. The design is called “Harvest Hare” and the wallpaper is printed in the UK using water-based inks and paper from sustained forests. Available in blue slate, corn and chalk white. Also available in other colours as cushion covers and fabric. More info on Mark Hearld’s printmaking here:  

Monday Bunday: BOLD

We’re having a very snug Queen’s birthday weekend here in Auckland. On the cotton-tails of Citta’s sleepy rabbit cushion last week, here’s a bunny cushion by another NZer called BOLD. BOLD was born after a DIY lampshade inspired a Hawkes Bay mother to make lampshades for sale and more recently she has branched out to cushions. This very lovely cushion would look great on in our house. Very styley, not too “crazy bunny lady”. Fabric is by Holli Zollinger at Spoonflower.  

Monday Bunday: Sleepy Rabbit by Citta Design

This morning, The Koala started his new job. He was up before dawn and handed me a sleepy rabbit to snuggle with in his place. Tofu the bunny is extra lovely in the morning, especially when he wants to do a bit more snoozing. You can rub his ears and cheeks and he will grind his teeth in delight (kind of like a cat purring). Even after I’d gotten up, showered, dressed and breakfasted, Tofu the bunny was still snuggling on the bed enjoying the residual warmth. I felt cruel when it was time to scoop him up and put him outside. On that note, I’d like to present to you this new design called “Sleepy Rabbit” by New Zealand company Citta Design. Citta Design are just around the corner from where I live, work and play and they even have an outlet store next door to BLOC. I often visit during lunch time for a bit of window shopping. Kind of like a real life Pinterest. I could walk around the store putting little pin …

Chalkboard Kitchens

The idea of running my bare hands over a dusty chalkboard gives me an uneasy feeling. Almost as bad as fingernails dragged across its surface. Even so, the idea of chalkboard as decoration, art or furniture and it’s ever changing surface is really appealing. We had a chalkboard as a prop at our wedding reception with guests writing messages that got continuously more risqué as the night progressed. A chalkboard kitchen I’m not entirely sure how you would get past all the chalkdust this would inevitably invite into your kitchen, but it does look pretty cool. I’ve always had a thing for black kitchens. Even if you didn’t mind eating a little chalk dust for these designs, it just seeing chalkdust around the kitchen would probably annoy the crap out of you. Here are some of my favourite chalkboard kitchens from around the web.  11 Magnolia Lane’s chalkboard pantry doors. I love how she used chalkboard contact paper instead of paint so that it could be removed fairly easily. I’ve never thought about using contact …

Monday Bunday: Rabbit cushion roundup

I think of novelty cushions as a ninja attempt to get soft toys into the living room. My cousin Charlene made me a larger than actual size sized ham cushion. Complete with black sequins as clove studs. It’s wonderful. I don’t have any bunny shaped pillows, but that doesn’t stop me from browsing. Top 5 bunny pillows 1. Bunny pillow by Bomb Design. Comes in a range of different fabrics including lamby-bunny! 2. The Rise and Fall Bunny Pillow from Urban Outfitters. 3. Rabbit cushion by Becky Baur. 4. Rabbit cushion by Julia Rothman. 5. Pink neon rabbit pillow by Lalalabel.