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Films for Foodies: Giveaway

To celebrate 4 years of Bunny Eats Design, I’d like to share a few wonderful things that I’ve gushed about, salivated over and adored. You probably know by now that I adore movies and I have a little fondness for food too. Pairing movies with food is one of my favourite past times. In fact, tomorrow I’m planning on seeing a foodie movie followed with dinner at a very relevant, very new restaurant. Double pass With special thanks to Rialto Cinemas and Films for Foodies, we are giving away a double pass to the “Love Steaks” Films for Foodie event on Wednesday 17 September 2014. To enter, simply fill in the form below.

“Chin chin” to Tasting Menu

My friend Coco and I recently went to see the movie Tasting Menu compliments of Vendetta Films. A sweet, light Spanish film about passionate foodies from around the world experiencing the final meal at the world’s best restaurant in Catalonia, Northern Spain before it closed it’s doors. The inspiration for this fictional restaurant is Ferran Adria’s famous (but now closed) Michelin 3-star elBulli which resided on beach in Catalonia. Tasting Menu was unexpectedly funny, wonderfully foodie and the ensemble characters are surprisingly well written for a refreshingly short 85 minutes. There was just enough back story and conflict to hold our interest and I couldn’t help but compare the the converging storylines of the characters to those from the movie Love Actually. I’ve only delighted in a degustation menu once in my life and while it’s a special occasion type of meal, it’s a long, artful process where you are at the whims of your chef. The dishes in this movie all sounded lovely The food prep scenes were clearly well researched and consulted, though …

Go on Hush Puppy. Beast it.

Movies are the new books. In lieu of a foodie book this month, I’m reviewing a foodie movie. Don’t call me lazy, I’m still reading. It just happens to be a really long book and it’s not a foodie one. The Koala and I attended Films For Foodies last night at Rialto (courtesy of Rialto Newmarket). Films For Foodies is a monthly event, carefully curated to appeal to foodies. For $35 per person, there was a plate each of southern influenced food from The Professional Bar & Restaurant school, a glass of wine, lemon cheesecake from Gu and a foodie goodie bag. All this was enough for a light dinner. The movie started a little late and after some prizes and talk, we settled in to watch this month’s foodie movie: Beasts Of The Southern Wild. The movie Set in a fictional place called the Bathub just outside the levies of New Orleans, Louisiana, this story is told through the eyes of six year old Hush Puppy. What can I say? I loved the movie. …

Movie Ticket Giveaway Winner – Beasts Of The Southern Wild

The winner of the double pass to Films for Foodies next month is – courtesy of The Random Number Generator is… Congratulations! You and a friend (or stranger, whatever you please) will be treated to a glass of wine, deep south themed nibbles and a foodie gift bag and a preview screening of the new movie Beasts of the Southern Wild. Thanks to all those who responded, even those from far away that weren’t in the running for the double pass. I really enjoyed reading your answers on the places you all wanted to eat your way through.  

Beasts of the Southern Food – Movie ticket giveaway

New Orleans is right up there on my bucket list as a place to eat my way through. Every time anything remotely New Orleansy (is that a word?) comes my way, my ears prick up and I’m on high alert. Crawfish boil, shrimp, gumbo, jambalaya, deep fried beignet, po-boys, Oysters Rockefeller, red beans and rice. Yes please. Director Benh Zeitlin and screen writer Lucy Alibar’s new film Beasts of the Southern Wild conjures up a magical fantasy world under chaos sometime in the not too distant future. Think Where The Wild Things Are and Pan’s Labyrinth meets New Orleans. Dubbed “the best movie about New Orleans ever” even though many claim that it isn’t about New Orleans at all, this hero tale is set in a fictional place called “The Bathtub”. No story accused of being about New Orleans would be complete without food references. This movie is going to be a good one. Films for Foodies Next month, as part of Rialto Cinema’s monthly Films for Foodies event at their Newmarket location, there will be a very special screening …