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Edible Paradise

My friend Rich Humphreys is often found behind a camera. We met (what feels like) a million years ago when he was living in Auckland. Over the years he has called a few places home including Wellington, Lyttelton and these days, Australia but we always seem to catch up every year or so, no matter where he is based. Creative, free-spirited and well traveled, his enthusiasm for story telling and community developed early on. I vividly remember viewing parties for his personal travel videos, featuring our friends. I don’t know if they ever saw the light of day but they were gold. Edible Paradise “A quiet revolution is growing in communities across Aotearoa-New Zealand, seeding long-term, multi-generational solutions for our food.” Edible Paradise captures the birth of the food forest movement in New Zealand that is about much more than sustainability. It is ‘he tangata’ – the people. Coming together to connect & share both this abundance and the intangible social benefits that are at the heart of community food development.     After almost 6 …

Lyttelton Farmers’ Market is pumping

Last Saturday we visited Lyttelton Farmers’ Market and it was pumping. Good to see. People still want to eat (and eat well) post quake. The aftershocks haven’t stopped, but life must go on. There were bunches of sweet little daffodils for $1 each, music, yummy ready to eat foods, fresh fish and lots of ingredients for the home cook. Many of Lyttelton’s buildings are gone but it’s great to see that the businesses live on. Ground Culinary Centre that was on London Street was a pile of debris when we visited at Easter and is now a tidy but empty lot. Ground are are still making yummy deli style salads. We bought a yummy feijoa and ginger jam by Peninsula Preserves to take back to Auckland with us. Hopefully the Markets are keeping business afloat until they can open up somewhere else.

Glaze a ham

First thing crossed off the Bunny Eats Design Autum/Winter To Do List. Oh yeah! The Koala’s Mum had sourced a ham for our family lunch. She provided everything and I did the honours of decorating and glazing. Using tropical fruit, cloves and an apricot sauce for a glaze, this ham provided many yummy meals over the weekend. We even made crackling with the ham skin. The ham was paired with a greek salad, peas, roast potatoes and pumpkin. Easter lunch was finished off with Mum’s individual pavlovas with berry compote and whipped cream. Yum!

Lyttelton lives on

For Easter we visited Kelvin’s family in Lyttelton, Christchurch. We weren’t prepared for the sights of post-quake Lyttelton. We thought there would be a few shops closed. TV coverage had shown Christchurch CBD cordoned off, but nothing about Lyttelton, so we thought it was ok. Lyttelton fared just as bad. You can’t drive through the main street. It is cordoned off and instead of a few shops closed, it’s a few shops open. 2 shops. The dairy and a restaurant called Fisherman’s Wharf. But Lyttelton lives on and Lyttelton will be rebuilt. As will Christchurch. We went for a walk around Lyttelton on Sunday morning. The community gardens lives on. I spotted some toadstools I spotted under a birch tree by the police station. Some people have mushrooms growing in their damp earthquake damaged homes. These were not that kind. A yellow digger sits on the remains of The Empire Tavern in the heart of Lyttelton. A few of our friend stayed here during our wedding in 2009. The backpackers where the rest of our friends …

One week later

We were in Bangkok last week when we found out Christchurch had been hit by a major earthquake. My sister text me and we immediately tried texting my husband’s family. Feeling so helpless so far away, we went online and read with horror of what was unfolding down there. Lyttelton – where my inlaws live was hit hard. Our wedding reception venue, The Cave had been obliterated. We didn’t get a text reply from our family so we tried calling from Bangkok. Success. They were ok. All of them. Staying with other family at their house near the airport. It’s been a week now since the earthquake. My thoughts go out to those with friends or family still missing. Thanks to all the support we’ve had from our overseas friends. It’s crazy with media these days how the world is linked by a few strands. Many of you across the globe knew about the earthquake the moment the rest New Zealand found out and before we knew anything about it. It feels like a small …