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Lyttelton lives on

For Easter we visited Kelvin’s family in Lyttelton, Christchurch. We weren’t prepared for the sights of post-quake Lyttelton. We thought there would be a few shops closed. TV coverage had shown Christchurch CBD cordoned off, but nothing about Lyttelton, so we thought it was ok.

Lyttelton fared just as bad. You can’t drive through the main street. It is cordoned off and instead of a few shops closed, it’s a few shops open. 2 shops. The dairy and a restaurant called Fisherman’s Wharf. But Lyttelton lives on and Lyttelton will be rebuilt. As will Christchurch.

We went for a walk around Lyttelton on Sunday morning. The community gardens lives on.

I spotted some toadstools I spotted under a birch tree by the police station. Some people have mushrooms growing in their damp earthquake damaged homes. These were not that kind.

A yellow digger sits on the remains of The Empire Tavern in the heart of Lyttelton. A few of our friend stayed here during our wedding in 2009. The backpackers where the rest of our friends stayed at is in the same condition.

This one might or might not be saved.

The owners are hoping this one will be saved.

Sumner and Redcliffs really took a beating. Our wedding reception venue is completely out of bounds now and most of the houses in this area have been evacuated. The local school is situated on the same block – under the crumbling cliffs and has been shut down for now.

This building sized rock took out half of the RSA.

We ate at the Ruptured Duck in Sumner the night before our wedding with many of our friends and family. It is now a pile of rubble. It’s so sad.

We visited our wedding beach at Rapaki and while it is still intact, tepid jets of water flow the beach. There’s stuff happening down there.

Time Ball Station. Someone has sewn heart shaped blessings and put the up around the shattered sites.

The crooked lighthouse.

The local kids persevere.

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