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Tamarind chutney and blue cheese pizza

Happy Friday guys! Just a quickie recipe for a Friday when you can’t really be bothered cooking but don’t feel like takeaways either. Read on for punchy flavour, minimal fuss. This recipe is super easy and uses Jenny’s Tamarind Chutney, a locally made product with a loyal following. With a tangy sweet flavour and plenty of spice, this chutney elevates the simplest dishes. I tried Jenny’s Tamarind Chutney a few years ago at a food festival and it’s one of those products that keeps popping up in food magazines. My friends and family RAVE about this chutney so I’m not surprised it’s currently in the running for Bite’s People’s Choice Awards. Make sure you vote before 25 September because every vote goes into the draw to win $250 to spend at The Sugar Club. Enter your vote here. It’s weird to think that 6 years ago when I started this blog, I hated blue cheese. As in, “Ewww gross, get that stuff away from me”. In that short space of time, my palate has changed and developed …

Goats go to Hell…Pizza

I was recently invited to try the the latest from Hell Pizza. I make pizza at home and standard toppings are not my speciality. Smoked salmon, spiced lamb and fat prawns wind up on pizzas at our house. Hell Pizza are on that adventurous foodie journey too so I was interested to see what was on offer. Enlisting the help of some Wellington food heroes, Hell Pizza have created the “El Cabra”. The Spanish word for goat, this Mexican-inspired dish was created by Chef Martin Bosley, Panhead Custom Ales and Mexican restaurant La Boca Loca. Hell Pizza are infamous for their naughty marketing tactics and controversial pizzas (hide your rabbits and your kangaroos) but this time, I feel like they’ve gone for something pretty accessible. I’ve eaten goat recently and I’ve cooked with it before and it’s really nothing to be nervous about. The flavour of the goat meat is very similar lamb – one of our country’s most prized meats. It’s a wonder why we don’t see goat on the menu more often. Did you know that all Hell Pizzas …

Mozzarella Pizza

After making Caprese Salad with my home made mozzarella, I still had about a third of the 250 grams of cheese left. There is no such thing as leftover cheese in this household and pizza is a surefire way to use up cheese. I always keep a packet of tortillas in the freezer and they’re great for pizza as you don’t need to defrost. Just start loading up with toppings and by the time you’re ready to pop into your pre-heated oven, they’re already defrosted. Four decent sized blobs of mozzarella dotted each of our four pizzas as well as prawn, capsicum, mushroom, onion, garlic, basil and tomato/mayo sauce. A perfect way to use fresh mozzarella.

Attempt Mozzarella

Last week, a friend delivered some raw, organic milk to us. Lucky! They were struggling to get through the milk this week with some family away and the cow producing a whopping four to six litres a day. A day! That’s mind boggling to me. The Koala and I can go through one day’s worth in a week if we try really hard. With that in mind, sharing a milking cow with up to six other households would be wonderful. Still on the cheese making buzz, I tried my hand at mozzarella. Something must have gone terribly awry because the texture wasn’t the mozzarella I was hoping for. Instead, the nubbly, slightly crumbly, cauliflower-like balls firmed up into firm white rubber. Not my finest cheese making moment, but if anyone is looking for cheese that looks like cauliflower, look no further! Still, we grated it and melted it onto home made pizzas: smoked chicken and black olive, smoked salmon and capers. It tasted just fine. I made pizza dough for the first time in forever …

Eating Italian and Mexican in Chiang Mai

In Chiang Mai, many restaurants that we went to weren’t Italian or Mexican, they were Italian and Mexican. For reasons unknown to me, there are shit-tons of Italian and Mexican restaurants in Chiang Mai. There’s not a noticeable Italian or Mexican population there so it must have something rather to do with how both cuisines offer a range of dishes with just a few ingredients. With a little training any chef can do pizza, pasta, nachos and burritos. Whether they do it justice is another story. Pizza and a pasta ordered. Pizza and pasta eaten. I was pleased I got to try squid in pasta for the first time. There is some kind of play centre right next door and the noise of children yelling and screaming is cute for about 30 seconds. Pizzadilla 38 Loikroh Rd., Changklan, Muang, Chiang Mai Tel : +(66)53-449629 Mob : +(66) 81-838975 Open: Lunch/Dinner 10am-12pm

Family Dinner with Chef Joey

We hadn’t seen the family for over a month – since they left us in Hong Kong and we continued with our travels – and last month was our first meal as a family. My sister Joey was the executive chef for the evening. On the menu were some yummy BBQ pizzas, skewers, pasta salad and a couple of classic Chinese desserts. Skewers: streaky bacon with cheese stuffed mushrooms. Chicken, camembert and cranberry pizza. Pesto pizza. Smoked salmon pizza (with a healthy dollop of sour cream). Mango pudding or Mongoh bodeen. Egg custard tarts or Dahn tart in the background. I had painted my nails yellow… …and The Koala happened to be wearing a yellow shirt. So it was only natural we had to pose with the yellow desserts.