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Goodbye sweet Tofu

With full and heavy hearts we said goodbye to our sweet Tofu on Sunday. Tofu lived a full life of 9.5 years and charmed everyone he met. A free ranging creature who lived his last 3 years completely blind, he was a lover, a fighter and little champion. He loved cuddles and was the most chill rabbit I ever met. His favourite foods included carrots, oats, dandelion and parsley. He had been unwell on Sunday and our plan if he didn’t improve, was to take him to the vet on Monday morning. He has always improved after a few hours. After a sunny Sunday of cuddles and hanging out with us and friends all day in the garden, in the evening, about 7pm, on our bed, on his favourite blanket, he suddenly squealed and he was gone. He has been a big part of our lives for almost 10 years and will be greatly missed. Binky free little one.

Tofu Tuesday: New desk

We have a new office set-up at home. Instead of one big table, The Koala and I now have a desk each and I love my set-up. Seriously, I get up early each morning so I can sit at my new workspace. It’s the little things. P.S. How many bunnies can you see? Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday.

Tofu Tuesday: Instagram edition

Although Tofu doesn’t have his own Instagram, any Tofu-related post has always been popular there. I guess Tofu Tuesday just makes more sense on an image-heavy platform. A fluffy bunny just brightens up any foodie’s feed. I haven’t given Tofu a separate account so I can count his followers as my own. Ha! But if you do just want to see Tofu posts, I’ve given him his own hashtag #TofuTheBunny. It’s been exactly one year since I started using Instagram and I’ve recently reached a milestone of 3000 followers. Yikes! Thank you! Somehow I missed the 2000 milestone, I think it was sometime over the summer holidays but this time around, I’m ready to celebrate and reflect. I’ve written a list of 12 things I’ve learned about Instagram so far. One tip for each month I’ve been addicted to Instagram because let’s face it, this is addiction. What I’ve learned about Instagram so far: Experiment. Look at things differently. Shoot outside your comfort zone. See what happens. If it all turns to custard, you can delete your photos. Use …

Tofu Tuesday: The Aviator

I wish Tofu wore safety goggles. I took Tofu to the vet yesterday because he has another eye infection. Last time he had an eye infection, it got really bad, really fast and he had to get the eye removed. It was heartbreaking, but the best thing for him. Because Tofu is blind, he brushes up against or bumps into things all the time. This time something scratched his cornea. They flushed and checked out the eye but there was no foreign object in there and the vet seems hopeful it will heal. Please keep Tofu in your thoughts today. Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday.

Tofu Tuesday: Good Side

Photo taken from Tofu’s “good side”. I keep apologising for the way that Tofu looks at the moment. Our neighbours who share our back yard were happy to see Tofu in the garden again and went down to greet him. I couldn’t help but pipe up a warning. I’m used to the way he looks now but his other side can be a shock if you’re not expecting half a shaved head and stitches in place of an eye. I still think he is the handsomest bunny. And he is king of the house once more. Yesterday he spent all morning on the couch (which was covered in a big puffy blanket). I arranged snacks around him so he wouldn’t have to leave his warm nest for food. I believe the term is morph* whipped. Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday. * Lagomorph is to bunnies what felines is to cats.  

Tofu Tuesday: Head and Butt

It’s getting cooler here in Auckland’s autumn. Last night we turned the heater on for the first time (real low). Tofu the fluffy rabbit can still be found outside every day. He runs outside on his own and some days he even comes inside on his own. Not bad for a blind rabbit. On rainy days he insists he’ll be good and once outside, he usually finds shelter. He loves routine and being outside during the day is his life. One of his favourite spots to lounge is under the stairs. I have to commend the rabbit. He sure knows how to sunbathe. Head and butt perfectly positioned in the sunshine. Can you imagine how good that feels? *Bliss*

Tofu Tuesday: It’s hot out

  Tofu has been recovering well from surgery. Last week he was anxious to be outside.  It’s been hot here and all windows and doors need to be open. I used the top part of Tofu’s cage to block the back door so that air could flow through the house without letting the rabbit out. Tofu rattled that cage like an angry beast. Tofu  has been allowed to go outside since last Friday and since it’s still hot out, he has been spending time under the stairs or in the hole he has made between branches within the shrubbery. The picture above is of Tofu just outside that hole.