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Tofu update: post surgery

On Tuesday, Tofu the bunny had surgery to remove a large bladder stone and yesterday the vet gave him the all clear to come home. Tofu wasn’t eating at the vet’s but if he was feeling depressed, going home might be good for him. If he didn’t eat during the night he would have to go back to the vet today. At first we kept him in his indoor hutch to restrict movement so he didn’t injure or bother his stitches but he had other ideas. He was stressed about being locked up and frantically looked for the way out, so we freed him. After inspecting his area a couple of times (to make sure it was just how he left it), he proceeded to spend most of the evening eating. He needed a little bit of encouragement but last night he ate: 1 grape 1 large bok choy 2 coriander plants 1/4 cup of pellets a few bits of hay Not bad for a rabbit who wasn’t eating! He wasn’t eating much this morning …

Tofu Tuesday: Another day in the grass

Tofu hasn’t been well over the last few days. He was great for a few months but over the last weekend he became messy in the undercarriage and looked very uncomfortable. In September he had his bladder flushed and a course of meds. A bottom shaved helped keep things in check too. Since then, things have looked pretty good until the end of last week. Not only had we switched to the vet recommended pellets but we’ve cut portions severely over the last 5 months. In the last week or so he has eaten only a handful of pellets as we’re trying to encourage hay and fresh greens instead. He will not eat hay if  a full pellet bowl awaits him. His appetite has been pretty normal and he has been drinking water. He still enjoys around 10 hours a day roaming free in the backyard and snuggles with us in the evenings (and some mornings). On Sunday, he even jumped up onto the couch for a snuggle which is quite a feat for a sick, blind …

Tofu Tuesday: Tofu and Cream

Meet Cream the bunny. Cream is moving from New Zealand to Japan today and we wish him and his family a safe journey. Last weekend, Cream and his owner, Yoshi came for a play date to meet Tofu and to say goodbye. The Koala and I met Yoshi through The Japanese Art Festival which he runs. Over the years we have become friends, first exhibiting our work and more recently, helping with the design, promotion and running of the event. The Japanese Festival will be sadly missed as Yoshi and family move back to Japan. Tofu hasn’t seen a bunny in about 5 years so this was a very special visit. Tofu was the dominant one but Cream had his sight and therefore the upper hand. Cream also showed us a few binkys (random twisting rabbit jumps) to say he was quite pleased. The bunnies were  curious of each other and Tofu took his time carefully examining Cream’s carry case while Cream explored our house. The Koala even got to hold both bunnies at once. …

Tofu says freedom (is overrated)

Tofu the bunny has free reign of our backyard, but the front yard isn’t fenced and is relatively unchartered territory. He has escaped on few occasions, but not since he became blind. I let Tofu roam on his own while keeping a close eye on him. He had a sniff and a nibble around the front steps but decided on his own that he wouldn’t make a run for it and ended up taking himself back inside.

Tofu Tuesday: Hutch mod

We have taken the top off Tofu’s hutch and lined the base with hay. It is easy for him to get in/out now and encourages good hay eating habits. At first he didn’t know how to get in and out because we had removed the door. But once he realised there were no walls and got used to it, he liked it very much. He jumps in and out from every conceivable edge. We don’t have anywhere to lock him up now. So when we want to vacuum*, Tofu gets some backyard play time. Thank you for all the good mojo sent to Tofu since his illness last week. Yesterday we went back to the vet for a scheduled check up to make sure all the meds are on track. They have kept him overnight so that he can get another eye flush today, but we’re feeling good that the bladder sludge has been cleared. We will be picking Tofu up tonight but feeling good this time, though his treatment will not be urgent, hope …

Tofu Tuesday: Mystic Unicorn Beanie Baby Twins

Demystifying the common unicorn. Like the common horse, the unicorn grazes on tall grasses and enjoys socialising with their own species. Unicorns behave like any other wild, docile creature and shy away from people unless tamed. Tame unicorns love to eat fresh carrots and apples from your hand and doing so may encourage them trust to you and build a lifelong friendship. Unicorns are not so mystical, just misunderstood and a bit horny.

Tofu Tuesday: Weigh In

No one enjoys being weighed and Tofu the bunny is no exception. Turns out, Tofu weighs the same as he did six months ago. I guess that’s what he was trying to tell me, only I wouldn’t listen.   Edit: I should add that Tofu is still on a diet though we are more relaxed about it. He’s eating a mixture of half diet pellets and regular pellets and fresh food and hay. So no change in weight is fine. Better than weight gain!

Tofu Tuesday: Terraced Pallet Garden

Growing your own food is uniquely satisfying. I don’t know if it’s my age or the times but more and more of our friends are growing their own food. I’ve hinted at our vegetable garden before, but I didn’t want to share it until we started eating from it. That time has come. If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ll know I have a slight obsession with up-cycled pallets and vegetable gardens. We live in a rented villa so we didn’t want to spend much money on our garden in case we have to move. Both The Koala and I have day jobs that revolve around paper so we have free access to wood pallets. In hindsight, we should have started this garden when we moved in 5 years ago. I could “what if” at my 5 year old vegetable garden all day, but you gotta start somewhere and late is better than never. The bottom of our garden has a gentle slope so we terraced the space using the pallets. Sloped ground drains water in random ways so terracing flattens …

Tofu Tuesday: Not a toy

In the months after Easter, rescues are inundated with unwanted rabbits. Sadly, people buy rabbits for Easter and when the novelty wears off the rabbit must find a new home. A rabbit is a 10 year investment. Yes, they can be cuddly and sweet, but they need daily attention and work. If you’re unsure, get a toy rabbit or a chocolate rabbit this Easter.

Tofu Tuesday: Art

Our home is heaving with art. Really. We have 32 pieces on display in our 1 bedroom home. There’s even 2 paintings in the bathroom. Though we haven’t bought any paintings lately, last weekend I retrieved three of my paintings from a local cafe before they changed owners. Now we have 5 paintings leaned up against walls awaiting wall space. I need at lease one more room to put them up in. If anyone knows an Auckland cafe or business that would like to display some paintings, let me know. p.s. Happy Chinese New Year!