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Meal Plan Week 3

Eat your vegetables

I’m an omnivore and while I adore meat, I know we eat too much of it. The Koala doesn’t like vegetarian food. He doesn’t say so, but you can tell by the way someone eats if they love it or not. There is a loop hole. He adores soup. A meat-free soup isn’t considered a vegetarian meal around here. So, this winter, I’m adding meat-free soups to our menu. It’s cheap, filling and a great way to enjoy the stunning bread that we’ve been getting.

We are at Week 3 of our CSA subscription and I’m writing a meal plan each week  to help get through all this produce.

This week our CSA box included:

Vegetables only

  1. 2 bulbs of garlic (self certified organic)
  2. 4 kaffir lime leaves (self certified organic)
  3. Half a crown pumpkin (certified organic)
  4. 1 cabbage (conventional sprays)
  5. 7 carrots (conventional sprays)
  6. 2 broccoli (certified organic)
  7. 2 silverbeet (certified organic)
  8. 1 stick of rosemary

Meal plan week 3:

  1. Mince and cheese pie with mash and creamy garlic* silverbeet*
  2. Pumpkin soup: Spiced pumpkin* kaffir lime leaf* and coconut with kumara sourdough*
  3. Individual quiche with ham, aged cheddar, eggs and broccoli*
  4. Rosemary* lamb chops with sautéed cabbage* and garlic* mash
  5. Honey soy sirloin steak with broccoli* and coleslaw (cabbage* and carrot*)
  6. Roast lamb leg (or chicken drumsticks) with rosemary* and garlic* paste. Served with roast vegetables: garlic*, carrots*, pumpkin* and broccoli*
  7. Beef stir fry with kaffir lime leaves*, chili, garlic*, broccoli*, shiitake mushrooms and carrot* on white rice

Read my other posts about CSA here.


  1. For a minute you threw me off speaking of winter…then I remembered you live in NZ. The CSA concept is appealing to me but I’ve not yet signed up for one here in Texas. It’s on my to do list.

    • Hi Linda, if it suits you, I imagine that you could be both a supplier and a consumer of CSA. Suppliers here can trade goods for a subscription. I am sure there are locals your way that would adore your honey!

  2. las artes says

    The answer is that protein is in all kinds of foods besides meat, but generally in lower quantities. It takes some effort to make sure you get some protein in every meal, but it’s not that hard. While it is possible to eat a high-protein vegetarian diet , if your goal is to get the amount of protein recommended by many traditional diets for athletes, though, you’ll have a tough time doing it.

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