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OOOOBY Box Week 3. I was photographing the CSA vegetables on our deck and who should just happen to come by? Tofu the rabbit thought he’d died and gone to heaven.

To get more efficient in our grocery shopping this winter, we are replacing the 2 to 3 trips per week to the market, with a weekly CSA delivery. I plan on topping this up with a fortnightly trip to (or maybe even delivery from) traditional supermarket and a fortnightly trip to Nosh (a local gourmet food store). Local CSA project OOOOBY has a great concept and ethic and we are in week 3 of our subscription.

This week our CSA box included:

Vegetables only

  • 2 bulbs of garlic (self certified organic)
  • 4 kaffir lime leaves (self certified organic)
  • Half a crown pumpkin (certified organic)
  • 1 cabbage (conventional sprays)
  • 7 carrots (conventional sprays)
  • 2 broccoli (certified organic)
  • 2 silverbeet (certified organic)
  • 1 stick of rosemary

Fruit and sweet vegetables

There is no fruit this week as we’re trying out OOOOBY’s vegetable only box. We still have kiwifruit left over from last week so we aren’t entirely fruitless. I got an Add On of kumara sourdough instead of ciabatta this week for a change. For those not in kiwi-land, kumara is the Maori word for sweet potato or yam. We eat it like a vegetable in place of potatoes rather than in desserts. Marshmallows have no business with the kumara. Kumara are quite at home with a roasted joint of meat, scattered with rosemary and garlic or mashed with a little milk and butter. In New Zealand, pumpkin is eaten in much the same way here and while I’ve never been a fan of pumpkin, since it was so kindly delivered with rosemary and garlic this week, I better roast it with rosemary and garlic. It’s the polite thing to do.

The weirdest thing in the box is:

Kaffir lime leaves. I used these a lot in Thailand last month. I guess this is a time to do some Thai-inspired cooking now that I’m back in New Zealand.


This week there are 2 recipes included by OOOOBY. They are roast broccoli and cabbage flan. The cabbage flan recipe looks interesting. I love many other vegetables with cheese and dairy so why not cabbage?

CSA Link Party

I’ve also joined a CSA box link party. A link party is a weekly or monthly round up of relevant blog links in one handy place. Anyone can submit their posts and if you are interested in CSA and what see what other people around the world are getting each week in their boxes, have a look at blogger In Her Chuck’s CSA box Link Party here. Last week there were 51 submissions from around the world.

By the way

I am in no way affiliated with OOOOBY and we paid for our box and add-ons with our own hard earned money. This is a review and not an advertisement. But if you would like to join OOOOBY, contact me about their their refer-a-friend scheme and we’ll get a free loaf of bread each. Your choice of kumara sourdough, ciabatta, mixed grain or even gluten free. Choice!

Read my other posts about CSA here.

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