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OOOOBY Box Week 4

After a break, this week we are going back to OOOOBY’s original box. After reviewing OOOOBY’s service last week with all prices and produce calculated up, the Original Box is great value for money.

This week our CSA box included:


  • 5 Kumara (Certified Organic)
  • 2 Garlic (Certified Organic)
  • 1 bunch Silverbeet (Certified Organic)
  • 1 Avocado (Certified Organic)
  • 1/2 Cabbage (Conventional Sprays)
  • 1 Broccoli (Conventional Sprays)


  • 7 Pink Lady Apples (Conventional Sprays)
  • 10 Green Kiwifruit (Certified Organic)
  • 10 Mandarins (Conventional Sprays)

The weirdest thing in the box is:

Nothing in the CSA was weird this week, but we did receive three small snails. A fair reminder that the produce is fresh and organic.

Add Ons

This week we added on a few extras such as pure apple juice, ciabatta and a bunch of fair trade bananas.


This week there are 3 recipes included by OOOOBY and they were two salads and a frittata.

CSA Link Party

I am part of a CSA box link party. A link party is a weekly or monthly round up of relevant blog links in one handy place. Anyone can submit their posts and if you are interested in CSA and what see what other people around the world are getting each week in their boxes, have a look at the What’s In The Box over at the blog In Her Chucks.

By the way

I am in no way affiliated with OOOOBY and we paid for our box and add-ons with our own hard earned money. This is a review and not an advertisement. But if you would like to join OOOOBY, contact me about their their refer-a-friend scheme and we’ll get a free loaf of bread each. Your choice of kumara sourdough, ciabatta, mixed grain or even gluten free. Choice!

Read my other posts about CSA here.

Check back tomorrow for my week’s meal plan.


    • You’re right, I can’t be sure. I released them into our front garden. If they make their way into our backyard, I will turn them into a condiment!

  1. It really is an awesome deal. I can’t find something ‘home grown’ like it in my area but I am considering an organic box delivery after seeing your posts.
    If you need ideas for your fruit, I know you struggle to get through it, I have many yummy fruit things that even a ‘non baker’ could master!

    • Funny enough, I don’t think we will struggle with our fruit this week. We’ve had our box for less than 24 hours and already eaten 3 mandarin and 5 apples!

      Are there any community gardens in your area? If anyone, they will know people that have excess produce or something similar to the OOOOBY box.

  2. What a great box this week, Genie, I could immediately think of several things to make with the variety of produce you have. Mind you, I had to look up Kumara, is that like a sweet potato?

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