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Meal Plan Week 4

I never was a weekly meal planner, but I guess it was only a matter of time. I am a obsessive list maker. I bet there is loads of psychology on list makers. I’m sure they have merit. I feel a kindred spirit in other obsessive list makers.

Over the last month of CSA boxes, meal plans have helped us get through our produce. Without a plan, every meal would feel like a quickfire challenge from Top Chef.

This is my fourth meal plan and serves mostly as a guide.

Meal plan week 4

  • Honey-soy-lemon roast chicken drums, kumara and potatoes* with garlicky* pan-fried silverbeet* and buttered peas
  • Stir fry beef with cabbage*, garlic*, broccoli*, onion and udon noodles
  • Lamb sausages with cabbage* and mandarin* slaw, baked potatoes with sour cream
  • Deviled pork sausages with and pink lady apple* on kumara* mash, served with a side of steamed broccoli
  • “Whatever is left” vegetable soup with toasted cheese ciabatta
  • Bacon and avocado* pasta topped with shaved vintage cheddar
  • Avocado* on toasted ciabatta*
  • Fruit and yoghurt Banana*, kiwifruit* and apple* pieces with Collective Dairy russian fudge yoghurt

* From CSA box

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  1. peasepudding says

    I might have to try the ooby box, wonder if they deliver out my way. I have had hardly any veg this week as i have had no time to shop so this would certainly help

    • Just flick them an email Allison, they’re good at replying. And if you qualify, tell them I sent you so we both get a free loaf of yummy bread. Yippee!

  2. Eva Taylor says

    Because of schedules and preferring to take our lunches to work we MUST meal plan. It’s tough on Saturday when I have to wrap my head around 16 servings, what’s new what’s leftovers, using up produce, the right amount of protein etc and then shopping for it in Sunday; but it sure makes the week easier, I come home and I already know what needs to be made! No more standing in front of the fridge trying to figure out what to have for supper!
    PS I too am a list maker! I find the Reminders App on my iPhone is very helpful, it’s on the cloud so all our devices have the same notes/reminders!

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