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Monday Bunday: Interior Design with Real Bunnies

When a new person comes to visit, we notice them noticing our rabbit running loose indoors. We are accustomed to seeing a rabbit around the house. Tofu isn’t a prop, he’s a legitimate member of the household. Still, I always get a kick out of seeing other rabbits in other indoor settings. Especially beautifully styled homes or hanging out on beautiful furniture.

When you have a beautifully designed room or piece of furniture, you need two other things. A rabbit and a talented photographer. For your viewing pleasure, I have collected these images from around the world, relating to bunnies with beautiful interiors or architecture. I hope you enjoy these as much as I have.

Cécile de Vries

Lola on a blue floral armchair Reposted with permission

Lola on pink floral armchair Reposted with permission

Into The Land Of My Dreams (with Charlie and Lola) Reposted with permission

Cécile is a photographer with two Teddy Widder rabbits named Lola and Charlie. The three of them are very beautiful, have excellent taste and a gorgeous home in The Netherlands. You can view more of Cecile’s work on her website www.droom-kleuren.nl or her Flickr page www.flickr.com/photos/ciel-photography.

Todd Selby (The Selby)

Petit-Gris the hawaiian shirt bunny 

This photo of Auckland bunny Petit-Gris makes me burst with delight. This photo was shot by New York based photographer Todd Selby at Karen Inderbitzen-Waller and Delphine Avril Planqueel’s lovely home. Karen is photographer and stylist and Delphine is a retoucher and lighting director…Petit-Gris is a stunning supermodel and appears to be a broken black lop. Obviously. More photographs of their amazing home can be viewed at The Selby’s online portfolio here.

Studio Klink

Rabbit House (Villa Peet Lelystad)

This minimal rabbit house (Peet House) in Netherlands by architects at Studio Klink seems to be popular with the bunnies. You can view more of Studio Klink’s architecture at their website www.studioklink.com.

Lisa de Araujo

Dines With Rabbits Reposted with permission

Regis and the fake tulip table Reposted with permission

Lisa is a talented designer, photographer and bunny lover in Cambridge, UK. Lisa’s dutch rabbits are named Troy and Regis and enjoy free reign of her home. The bunnies are great friends and can be found inside her home and outdoors. You can view Lisa’s Flickr account here and her website at www.lisadearaujo.com

Karl Anderson

Bunny on Bed (Casa International) Reposted with permission

Karl shoots amazing photos of gorgeous Scandanavian home interiors and lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. He also takes portraits of interesting people and celebrities, To see more of Karl’s photography, visit his website www.karlandersonphotography.com. To view more gorgeous Scandinavian interiors and the place where I found Karl’s image, visit www.fromscandinaviawithlove.com.

Kira Brandt

Kaninen Stampe (Thumper) Reposted with permission

Kira Brandt is a photographer working in København, Denmark. As well as interiors, she photographs food, flowers and editorials. She’s basically a lifestyle image powerhouse. When Kira photographed Danish interior designer Tina Havmøller’s beautiful family home, their pet rabbit named Stampe (Danish for Thumper) wanted in on it. I love how Stampe’s colouring makes it look like he’s wearing a snuggly knitted jumper. I’m also impressed with semi-lop ears. You can view more of Kira’s work at her website www.kirabrandt.dk and the original post (in Danish) at Bo Bedre.

Myra Klose (MYK)

Hare with Bommel Carpet Reposted with permission

When I brush Tofu the bunny, I’m often left with round balls of cream coloured fluff. I could make Tofu a neat rug just like this. The designer of this rug is Myra Klose of MYK and she is one of those designers that blur the lines between art and decor. Her cosy pompom pieces including rugs, chairs and poufs are a pleasure to look at and I’m sure a pleasure to have in the house. She works in Austria and Germany and with her fashion design background, she has an eye for whimsy, structure, texture and colour. What are stylish interiors but fashion for the home? You can view more of her work at her website http://myk-berlin.com.

Design Curiosities

Eames the bunny and his Ikea-hack hutch 

Eames the bunny on Panton Chair with Charlotte the kitten

Newlywed graphic designer and lab geek, Steven and Nicole have excellent taste and website/blog called Design Curiosities. When they adopted a sweet little lop ear bunny they named Eames, a mid century design inspired hutch was the only solution. Eames looks to be a broken sable/tort lop, much like Tofu’s brother Olliver.

Eames also enjoys sitting on his mid century Panton S Chair designed by Verner Panton for Vitra. In 1960, this was the very first single-form injection-moulded plastic chair. One piece of plastic, one piece of furniture. Ground breaking.

Of course, an Eames chair would be too obvious. Far too obvious. Still, I can’t but think that the little Eames sitting on an Eames rocking chair would be hi-la-ri-ous.

Rabbitier @ Flickr

Bubu on Eames Side Chair Rocker Reposted with permission

Bubu with bust Reposted with permission

Bubu on orange armchair Reposted with permission

Photographer on Flickr known as Rabbitier lives in Tokyo, Japan and has a black otter lop bunny called Bubu. Bubu follows Rabbitier around their home with the enthusiasm of a puppy and enjoys jumping up and down from chairs and Rabbitier’s lap. His favourite food is banana and he seems to have very discerning taste. You can see more of Rabbitier’s photos on Flicker: www.flickr.com/photos/rabbitier

Melissa Muhlenkamp at Squawk Box Designs

Rabbit at Mustang Mott Reposted with permission

Melissa is a fellow graphic designer that I met through Graphic Design Forum. She lives in Denton Texas and has two bunnies called Bernadette and Mr. Weatherby and a cockatiel named Boscoe (the squawk box himself). This photo was shot at Mustang Mott, Texas. You can view more photos of her charmed life at her website www.squawkboxdesigns.com

Josh at Bella Grace Studios

Rabbit in bedroom of a home office in Kentucky

Josh from Bella Grace Studios photographed this bedroom in home/office building of De Leon & Primmer Architecture, owned by Roberto DeLeon and Ross Primmer. Josh is primarly a wedding photographer and you can view more of his work at his website www.bellagracestudios.comImage reblogged from Decor8blog.com. 

Rambo the bunny

Rambo on couch Reposted with permission

Rambo the bunny isn’t a designer, but if you check out his hipster ways, you may forgive me for thinking otherwise. I love this photo of Rambo the bunny in a lovely home setting. You can see Rambo’s facebook page over here: www.facebook.com/EddyRamboBunny.

Note: All photographers/designers were contacted for permission to repost their work, most replied with permission, others I never heard back from. If there are any images here that should not be, I will remove them immediately. Please credit photographers with links if you too would like to spread the bunny love.

Love bunnies? Check out the categories Monday Bunday and Tofu Tuesdays. Please check back tomorrow as there will be an extra special Tofu Tuesday inspired by this post that oozes Scandinavian type charm.


  1. Eva Taylor says

    I had no idea the world was so full of bunny lovers! These pictures are a wonderful testament on what a great pet a bunny can be. Thanks for sharing Genie.

  2. peasepudding says

    They are great pics, we used to have indoor rabbits but people did think it was a bit odd but i think it is even odder to put them in a cage.

    • I always feel mean when I lock Tofu up in his cage for whatever reason. He gives me a grumpy look and it can only be construed as punishment. We kept rabbits in cages when I was a kid but now that I have a house rabbit, I couldn’t go back to having a caged rabbit. It just isn’t right.

  3. I love this! We have house bunnys too. People think we are crazy, but we don’t care, they are cherished members of the family and bring us a lot of joy having them hopping around.

  4. ZOMG! The Hawaiin shirt! I always think its quite hilarious when you don’t tell people that you have a house bunny and then they run out, have a look and then run back to whatever they were doing. I’m like ‘what rabbit? I don’t have a rabbit’.

  5. these are wonderful! would be a great coffee table book! thanks for adding mine buns as well!

  6. Hi there! Thanks so much for including Eames! Hopefully one day, if we can ever afford it, he can snuggle up in our Eames Lounge. Although, a rocker would be lovely too.

  7. Michelle says

    Hi! I just found this website. I am another Auckland bunny-owner and my little lad is called T Rex. He mostly lives out in my garden though cos he likes to destroy things. I’m not a designer, but rub shoulders with people who are.

    Anyhow, a good friend of mine (who is a designer) runs a social enterprise called The Pallet Kingdom where they build furniture from disused pallets headed for landfill. Her little bunny Juanita sometimes models with the furniture. Juana is T Rex’s girlfriend, they have a bit of a love/hate relationship after she spent the summer at mine while her mum was being social enterprisey in Colombia.

    Check out Pallet Kingdom website here http://www.thepalletkingdom.com/, A pic of Juanita on the furniture is here – https://instagram.com/p/58nyXiqzBu/?taken-by=thepalletkingdom – I’ve seen better pictures but I think most of them must be on her private facebook page! But you should check it out.


    • Hi Michelle and T Rex. Thank you for your your thoughtful message. I’ve actually seen Juanita on The Pallet Kingdom Instagram page. She’s a lovely girlfriend. Sometimes I wonder if Tofu should have a girlfriend too. I bet I can figure out why T Rex is named so. Is it because of his long arms? 😀

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