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Goodbye sweet Tofu

With full and heavy hearts we said goodbye to our sweet Tofu on Sunday. Tofu lived a full life of 9.5 years and charmed everyone he met. A free ranging creature who lived his last 3 years completely blind, he was a lover, a fighter and little champion. He loved cuddles and was the most chill rabbit I ever met. His favourite foods included carrots, oats, dandelion and parsley. He had been unwell on Sunday and our plan if he didn’t improve, was to take him to the vet on Monday morning. He has always improved after a few hours. After a sunny Sunday of cuddles and hanging out with us and friends all day in the garden, in the evening, about 7pm, on our bed, on his favourite blanket, he suddenly squealed and he was gone. He has been a big part of our lives for almost 10 years and will be greatly missed. Binky free little one.

Tofu Tuesday: When it’s a nice day

Just a couple of pics of Tofu enjoy our lush, slightly overgrown lawn. Yesterday morning, I found him waiting for me in our hallway. When he realised I was up, he made a run for the back door so I let him out. He is definitely the early riser in our house these days. If the weather is nice, he spends the whole day outside in our big backyard, roaming free and nibbling on whatever he fancies. I bring him inside around sunset. Oh and our neighbours have a friendly pup staying at the moment. He seems to be curious about Tofu too. Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday.  

Bunnies of Instagram

Wishing you and your family a lovely Christmas this year from Bunny Eats Design. Here’s a round up of Instagram bunnies celebrating Christmas this year. Just because. Click on the images to view their Instagram accounts directly.   And last but not least, here are a few of Tofu over the years.  

Monday Bunday: Jermaine Rogers

Choices US artist Jermaine Rogers has just released a new vinyl figure of a knife-weilding rabbit titled “Choices”. “This 8 inch vinyl figure strikes an alert pose, wide-eyed and aware. Our little bunny must make an important choice…and he holds the instrument to carry out his decision. What bunny’s choice is and what the implications of his decision will be is for you to decide. ‘Choices’ (regular edition) figure is limited to 500 pieces worldwide.” The Koala and I have quite a collection of rabbit shaped vinyl toys already, but I want this one so bad!

Helo Birdie Giveaway

To celebrate 4 years of Bunny Eats Design, I’d like to share a few wonderful things that I’ve gushed about, salivated over and adored. My sister Joanne Ho who paints under the name Helo Birdie, had a solo exhibition a couple of weeks ago at Mea Culpa in Ponsonby. The turn out was great and while her painting style has evolved considerably since her last show, there are still some food themes going on there.

Monday Bunday: Vegans “Manatees ‘n Bunnies”

I’ve blogged about husband and wife duo Kozyndan (made up of Kozy and Dan) way back in 2009 but more recently they created a piece called Vegans: Manatees ‘n Bunnies. The Koala has been referred to as a sea cow on more than one occasion so this piece is really special to me. It boggles my mind that this has been done before. It’s quite a niche. View this and more over on their Behance page here. p.s. Tofu is undergoing surgery today. Please keep us in your thoughts.

Monday Bunday: Much Loved

Much Loved, photographed by Mark Nixon, is a book that features stuffed animals that have been worn to bits by their owners. Mostly teddy bears loved so fiercely that I would hand over my purse if I met them in a dark alley. There are also a few rabbit in there. I wasn’t a stuffed animal kind of child. I kept no soft friend of fuzzy demeanor to whisper secrets to or cling to in adversity. See more over here:

Tofu Tuesday: Tofu and Cream

Meet Cream the bunny. Cream is moving from New Zealand to Japan today and we wish him and his family a safe journey. Last weekend, Cream and his owner, Yoshi came for a play date to meet Tofu and to say goodbye. The Koala and I met Yoshi through The Japanese Art Festival which he runs. Over the years we have become friends, first exhibiting our work and more recently, helping with the design, promotion and running of the event. The Japanese Festival will be sadly missed as Yoshi and family move back to Japan. Tofu hasn’t seen a bunny in about 5 years so this was a very special visit. Tofu was the dominant one but Cream had his sight and therefore the upper hand. Cream also showed us a few binkys (random twisting rabbit jumps) to say he was quite pleased. The bunnies were  curious of each other and Tofu took his time carefully examining Cream’s carry case while Cream explored our house. The Koala even got to hold both bunnies at once. …

Monday Bunday: Pollop by Leslie Murard

Happy Monday and happy first of July! Can’t believe we’re over halfway through 2013. The second half of the year typically flies by. I’ve already had clients talk to me about Christmas card design. Kind of disconcerting but super grateful for organised clients. Shameless plug: If you or someone you know is looking for a designer for Christmas cards or anything really, contact me. Anyway, here’s a cool video to cheer up your Monday. Love these humping bunnies from this smooth animation by Leslie Murard. Warning: Contains sexual themes and cooked rabbits.   Love bunny things? Check out more editions of Monday Bunday here.

Monday Bunday: Bunnies In The Office

Like many of you, I spend most of my day at a desk. I think personal touches around your desk are a fact of life. I have a bunny at one desk and a couple of bunnies at my other desk. I have a messy looking pile of paper and a handful of other useful and semi-useful trinkets. I have the cool calendar that The Koala and I designed and it’s filled with the busy scribbles of my life. I never understood companies that prohibit people from personalising their workspace. Desks that are devoid of personality make me suspect that a serial killer resides. Whenever I have to sit another person’s desk, I enjoy seeing pieces of their character in there. You can tell a lot about a person from the thokcha at their desk. If there is nothing, I get that eerie feeling that they have something to hide or have no passions or interests. Like homes that have no personal effects and feel like motels or hotels. Creepy. My rabbit themed office is far …

Monday Bunday: Foodie Bunnies

  Hope you are having a great Easter! Today’s Monday Bunday is a real treat found via Pinterest. But try as I may, I cannot find any information on the original artist. How sweet are these foodie bunnies? The artist has expertly captured a specific type of bunny. I love the downturned mouths, short ears and compact shape and I can tell that the artist loves bunnies and food very much. I don’t know if these were posed and drawn from life or fictional scenes but I wouldn’t let Tofu the bunny within a metre of a whole croissant. He loves baked goods and would gobble it up without batting a third eyelid. I still remember one Easter when he stole a hot cross bun from my handbag. If you thought that rabbits couldn’t commit a crime, I can assure you, if there are baked goods involved, they are ruthless. If you recognise the these illustrations or better still, if you are the artist please comment below. Back to work tomorrow. Le sigh.

Tofu Tuesday: Tofu’s Nursery

We recently picked up a new sideboard for the kitchen which meant a bit of rearranging and we bumped a set of white drawers into Tofu’s “room”. With a few items from our bunny collection, Tofu’s room now reminds me of a baby’s nursery. Sloth painting bottom right is by my sister Joanne Ho. Tofu seems to like it. He said it is totally reminiscent of bunny Ikea.