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Monday Bunday: Interior Design with Real Bunnies

When a new person comes to visit, we notice them noticing our rabbit running loose indoors. We are accustomed to seeing a rabbit around the house. Tofu isn’t a prop, he’s a legitimate member of the household. Still, I always get a kick out of seeing other rabbits in other indoor settings. Especially beautifully styled homes or hanging out on beautiful furniture. When you have a beautifully designed room or piece of furniture, you need two other things. A rabbit and a talented photographer. For your viewing pleasure, I have collected these images from around the world, relating to bunnies with beautiful interiors or architecture. I hope you enjoy these as much as I have. Cécile de Vries Lola on a blue floral armchair Reposted with permission Lola on pink floral armchair Reposted with permission Into The Land Of My Dreams (with Charlie and Lola) Reposted with permission Cécile is a photographer with two Teddy Widder rabbits named Lola and Charlie. The three of them are very beautiful, have excellent taste and a gorgeous home in The Netherlands. You can view more of …

Monday Bunday: Urbis Bunny 2012

I’ve been busy with work and such, but a couple of weekends ago, I had a great time at the annual Urbis Designday. Each year this event woos me and this year it did not disappoint. I can’t think of a better all-emcompassing design and food event. A must for fans of design and food and if you work in the industry, you really should give it a day. It’s only one day and you won’t regret it! Urbis Designday is everything this blog stands for and if I had to make a 3 item checklist (Bunny, Eats, Design) I would be able to tick all three items off many, many times. I will post a post on the great food at Urbis as well as the design, but until then, let’s begin with all the bunnies at Designday. And if bunnies aren’t your thing, perhaps some of the baby chickens that were at the Essenze showroom will tickle your fancy? Easter is coming up soon after all. Bunnies and baby chickens are Easter personified. If …

Tofu Tuesday: Green as they come

I’m glad we got to go the beach last week because it’s been raining ever since. The tomato plants are loving it though and I think the strawberries are pretty happy as the plants are about a metre off the ground so there’s no chance of flooding. I no longer have the willpower to test if my skin problems are being caused by things like strawberries and tomatoes. I gave them all up for a couple of weeks. Mixed results. So now I sneak ripe cherry tomatoes and strawberries one at a time as they ripen. Lucky, not many have ripened yet. Tofu the bunny enjoys playing in the long wet grass even though it gives him a messy undercarriage. Here is Tofu relishing a moment of sunshine in an otherwise grey afternoon. Check out previous Tofu Tuesday posts here.

Monday Bunday: Rabbit cushion roundup

I think of novelty cushions as a ninja attempt to get soft toys into the living room. My cousin Charlene made me a larger than actual size sized ham cushion. Complete with black sequins as clove studs. It’s wonderful. I don’t have any bunny shaped pillows, but that doesn’t stop me from browsing. Top 5 bunny pillows 1. Bunny pillow by Bomb Design. Comes in a range of different fabrics including lamby-bunny! 2. The Rise and Fall Bunny Pillow from Urban Outfitters. 3. Rabbit cushion by Becky Baur. 4. Rabbit cushion by Julia Rothman. 5. Pink neon rabbit pillow by Lalalabel.

Monday Bunday: Silly Pink Bunnies

Jeremy Fish ( draws awesome bunnies. He has also contributed in the art scavenger hunt in London in conjunction with Juxtapoz Magazine and Absolut Vodka. If I were in London, I would be scavenging for this signed piece. Isn’t it divine? Watch the trailer for the whole project here. (Is it still called a trailer if it’s not for a film?)

Monday Bunday: Top 5 Bunny Banks

I couldn’t stop at showing you just one bunny bank.  I know Tofu the bunny isn’t good with money, but perhaps if you look at a rabbit as a symbol of exponential growth, then bunny banks are a positive way to save. Top 5 bunny banks from the interwebs: 5. Bunny Money Bank R217 ($31.50US / $38NZ) from Egg Junior. 4. Lucky Forest Bunny Money Bank $18 from Liapela. 3. Two’s Company Bunny Bank $5.25 from Tender Treasures. 2. Rabbit Money Bank £14 from Oliver Bonas. And the winner goes to: 1. Grass Flocked Rabbit Bank $22 from Greener Grass Design.

Spraypainted bunnies

The boys were painting a wall so I had a practice with their spraycans on some bits of board. This was my first time freehand painting with spraycans. I’ve used stencils before, but it’s not the same. With my puny paws and wimpy wrists, these bunnies were all I could paint before getting too tired and sore.