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Foodbox 2

Foodbox Appetiser, $33 incl delivery

Foodbox, The Appetiser, $33

Our second Foodbox arrived yesterday afternoon and though we had a dinner date, I couldn’t help but sample one of the lovely ambrosia apples before we left. Easily the best apple I have eaten. Ever.

I made the amateur mistake of putting the apple core in my office bin instead of the heavy, lidded kitchen bin. When we got home from dinner, the rubbish was knocked over, the apple core missing, scattered seeds in the hallway and one nonchalant rabbit.

I guess we’ll never know who did it.

First impression

Good. Seemed just as heavy as the last box though I couldn’t be bothered weighing everything this time. Some exotic things to our regular shopping list. A good thing as it’s a chance to experiment a bit with cooking and eating unfamiliar things.


  1. Kale (cavalo nero) x 1
  2. Mini white cabbage x 1
  3. Sweet stem broccoli x 1 medium bag
  4. Spinach leaves x 1 large bag
  5. Mung bean sprouts x 1 medium bag
  6. Potatoes x 8
  7. Carrots x3
  8. Swede (rutabaga)
  9. Italiano Cherry heritage tomatoes x 1 punnet


  1. Persimmon x 1
  2. Mandarin x 4
  3. Apples x 3
  4. Kiwifruit x 4
  5. Bananas x 3

Add ons

  • 1 dozen free range eggs

The most interesting thing in the box

There were many items that I wouldn’t usually buy. Persimmon, swede, cavalo nero, sweet stem broccoli, heritage tomatoes and mung bean sprouts.

CSA Link Party

If you are interested in CSA and what see what other people around the world are getting each week in their boxes, please check out at the weekly link party What’s In The Box over at Heather’s blog In Her Chucks.


  1. I do like persimons. They come in season here in winter, so beginning autumn when i’m on the look out for them! Thats ending now though. I hope you enjoy yours.

    • Hi Sofia, it is Autumn here so the perfect time to enjoy our local persimmons. I admit, it has been years since I had one. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Great post! I’ve recently been participating in a similar program in my area and LOVE figuring out how to use all of the produce. 🙂

  3. This is beyond glorious. And such wonderful value- shopping for the week. It looks divine. I must invest in a UK equivalent. Thanks for sharing- it’s inspiring and beautiful x

    • We share carrots in this house. They’re full of sugar so they are bunny candy only. Lucky Tofu doesn’t discriminate between carrot peel, tops or the parts that we eat.

    • He’s willful and makes gourmet decisions. He has been camping out next to my office bin in hopes of more. I suppose he equates the bin with apple carcasses.

  4. LOL. I don’t think that my two would be able to devise a plan to get into the bin.. and there are 2 of them and 4 eyes between them. He must have a rabbit super brain.. and nose. Here I was believing that their sense of smell is terrible. Also, Flatpac scratched me on the foot this morning.. I think I may have made her mad. How am I meant to know what I did?!

  5. Nonchalant rabbit . . . too funny. If my composting guinea pigs could get out of their digs I suspect I’d come home to find the fridge door hanging open and nonchalant or even food-coma-tose pigs sprawled around the vegetable bins. I enjoy rutabagas in a pasty, but rarely get them in my CSA farm share so I substitute turnips instead.


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