Tofu Tuesday
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Tofu Tuesday: Time

It has been three weeks since Tofu’s health scare. We have been keeping him inside with only an hour or two outside per day. He has been impatient, waiting at the back door to be let out. Yesterday was his first full day outdoors. Still as busy as ever. Time waits for no bunny.

tofu-pocket-watch1 tofu-pocket-watch2 tofu-pocket-watch3 tofu-pocket-watch4


    • I think so. The first few days after the vet, Tofu could barely move (except to show us he didn’t want to take his medicine).

      Now he is jumping up onto our bed and the couch and keen to go outside. Today is an inside day, hopefully it clears up in the afternoon so he can have a little play outside.

  1. Iris Rifkin-Gainer says

    So happy to see Tofu getting his fill of the outdoors with his stylish pocket watch. He looks very healthy.

  2. Ain’t nobody got time, ain’t no body got time for dat. What gets me is how strong mini lops are. Flatpacs neck is all muscle! I’m so glad Tofu is better ❀

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