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The most photographed wontons in the world


Last night, tucked away in a pub in Parnell, ten Auckland bloggers gathered and feasted upon a nine dish tasting menu. Hosted by restaurant review website Zomato and The Paddington, this was an opportunity to show off the venue and a new menu.


Zomato (rhymes with tomoto) launched here mid 2013 and is the newest review website in New Zealand. Zomato are gaining a good market share of reviews with their easy to navigate, clean design. As a graphic designer, I love a sleek website and I’m sure you do too. Their data collecting technique is mind boggling. Their data collectors have included over 3000 Auckland restaurants with more added weekly.

I signed up to Zomato earlier this year and use it to get a feel for unfamiliar restaurants. With a tiered points system, reviewers on Zomato gain social status based on their activity. Almost any activity on Zomato will gain points and you can choose to follow reviewers with similar tastes. For those that love sharing and looking at food porn, you upload photos to restaurant listings and reviews or link directly to your Instagram account.

Yat-chi and Tamara from Zomato also dined with us.


The Paddington

The Paddington’s GM, Stu guided us through the venue and the dishes and Claire, the Online & Social Media Manager for The Frenzi Group kept us company.

There were many areas within the premises including the bar, restaurant, meeting room, a cozy fireplace nook, and outdoor seating. The most unusual was the room they call “The Grand Stand” which is pool table room with tiered seating and a projection screen.


The most photographed wontons in the world

I have never seen so many cameras and phones at one table. It was like dining with kindred spirits. Even the non-bloggers photographed each dish. We all live by the code that eating commences after each dish has been photographed. Mobile phones held above our table gave makeshift photography lights (the lighting at The Paddington was respectably dim).

I’m pleased we were seated away from the other diners, though they may have been curious what we were up to. More often than not, when dining at a new place, I’ll demand ask if I can take photos before my friends and family have taken a bite. I’m sure the other bloggers can relate.

Auckland food bloggers present:

It was lovely to see all the bloggers tucking into everything and even gluten-free diets on hiatus for one night.

I left in high spirits and feeling very satisfied. It was fun to meet food bloggers who I have been following for years. They’re all so nice (and adorable) too. Thanks to The Paddington for hosting a lovely evening and I’ll be dreaming about the seafood chowder for some time.



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