Tofu Tuesday
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Tofu Tuesday: Doppelgängers

Nomnom the bunny sitting on a tofu plush toy. Mind blown.

Nomnom the bunny sitting on a tofu plush toy. Mind blown.

Every time I see a rabbit that looks like Tofu, something weird happens to my ticker. I want to squeal and cry at the same time. It plays tricks with my heart.

From Wiki “In fiction and folklore, a doppelgänger is a paranormal double of a living person.

A doppelgänger is often perceived as a sinister form of bilocation and is regarded by some to be a harbinger of bad luck. In some traditions, a doppelgänger seen by a person’s relative or friend portends illness or danger while seeing one’s own doppelgänger is said to be an omen of death.”

Here is a collection photos I have seen on the internet of Tofu bunny lookalikes.


  1. How did you find all those photos?!?!? Cuteness overload!! I love the picture I have of Izzy sitting on my totoro pillow, even if they aren’t doppelgangers…

    • Hi Anna! I think I need a totoro pillow too 🙂 I found these images on the internet. I guess you can say I started collecting them not long ago and decided I should share them. Strange to see so many other versions of Tofu out there. Tofu is a “broken sable point lop” so keying that into Google image search was a goldmine.

  2. Elena Julia says

    Just found your website, and must say I think Tofu has a lost twin in Denmark, cause he looks a lot like our Krymmel (Means sprinkles (that stuff un cakes) in Danish).

    But would look forwars to see more fine Things on your site, and more of Little Tofu.

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