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Tofu Tuesday: Doppelgängers

Every time I see a rabbit that looks like Tofu, something weird happens to my ticker. I want to squeal and cry at the same time. It plays tricks with my heart. From Wiki “In fiction and folklore, a doppelgänger is a paranormal double of a living person. A doppelgänger is often perceived as a sinister form of bilocation and is regarded by some to be a harbinger of bad luck. In some traditions, a doppelgänger seen by a person’s relative or friend portends illness or danger while seeing one’s own doppelgänger is said to be an omen of death.” Here is a collection photos I have seen on the internet of Tofu bunny lookalikes.

Tofu Tuesday: Grass bunny

A couple of weeks ago, this grass bunny made a journey from Australia to New Zealand, courtesy of Cass from the food blog Food My Friend. Cass is the proud owner of a lop called Flatpac. You can see Flatpac Fridays here in case you need a bunny booster if Tofu Tuesdays isn’t quite enough 🙂 Everyone at home loves the grass bunny. Including Tofu. Thanks Cass! Check out previous Tofu Tuesday posts here.

Tofu Tuesday: Easter Bunny

Like most bunnies, Tofu has a sweet tooth and adores raisins and bread. Neither are good for rabbits but can be viewed as occasional treats. Tofu goes crazy for hot cross buns and a single bun can transform this usually mild-mannered lagomorph into a common thief. One Easter, I left a plastic-wrapped hot cross bun in my handbag which was on a chair near our front door. The next morning, half the bun was found under our bed in our bedroom. Tofu had sniffed out the bun, foraged for it in my bag and carried his trophy to the bedroom to enjoy. We now know to keep treats like these firmly out of reach. For those that are considering adopting a rabbit just for Easter, please don’t. Rabbits are not a holiday decoration. Animal shelters become inundated with unwanted rabbits shortly after Easter as kids and families move on. Parents with seemingly innocent intentions purchase a rabbit for Easter, only to get rid of it when the season is over. This is irresponsible and teaches …

Tofu Tuesday: Green as they come

I’m glad we got to go the beach last week because it’s been raining ever since. The tomato plants are loving it though and I think the strawberries are pretty happy as the plants are about a metre off the ground so there’s no chance of flooding. I no longer have the willpower to test if my skin problems are being caused by things like strawberries and tomatoes. I gave them all up for a couple of weeks. Mixed results. So now I sneak ripe cherry tomatoes and strawberries one at a time as they ripen. Lucky, not many have ripened yet. Tofu the bunny enjoys playing in the long wet grass even though it gives him a messy undercarriage. Here is Tofu relishing a moment of sunshine in an otherwise grey afternoon. Check out previous Tofu Tuesday posts here.

Tofu Tuesday: Tocks on cut grass

Our landlord cut our grass in the weekend. Woot! It’s nice being able to sit on the lawn again. Not that it stopped Tofu before. Tofu’s winter coat has shed and his molting has ceased it’s assault. He’s basically wearing short shorts and a singlet in this photo. Maybe he needs a lilo, a paddling pool and a cocktail with umbrella?